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Here you can find answer to some most frequently asked questions from our customers.

What does the name Silatha stand for?

‘Sila’ stands for Nobel Life, whereas ‘Atha’ means Now in Sanskrit. We believe that with the Silatha Dorje, you will (and can) start a ‘Nobel life’ for yourself and others around you, now.

Who is Silatha?

Silatha aims to create an equitable workplace, so that everyone can perform at their best at all times. You can find more information about the creator Veroniek, on the ‘About Us’ section on this website.

I would love to have Silatha at my company, how can I reach out?

We are happy to connect via . We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I use the Silatha App? 

The Silatha experience is an easy guided meditation practice and takes only 15 to 20 minutes a day. You will receive the course audio through the app on behalf of your employer. Here you will have an opportunity to create your own account in the app. You may sign up with your real name or your 'avatar name'. Start your journey whenever you want, starting with day one! 

A Tribe of likely minded individuals will be accessible to you at any time in the group chat option and on Workshops you will have the opportunity to attend. Many helpful materials aimed at health and serenity will be distributed so stay  tuned!

The Silatha program consists of 4 pillars, click here to learn more :

  • Peer to Peer Support ( Tribe )
  • Coaching & Workshop
  • Access Experts
  • Mindfulness

Click here to learn more about the 4 pillars of the Silatha program. 

At any point you are welcome to revisit the meditations again, pick any meditation you particularly liked, or continue your own practice. The app also contains silent meditations that are a great way to reconnect to your own true self. Through the meditations the app teaches you all the basics to start your silent meditation practice. Silent practice means that you start with the ritual and you end with the ritual, and in-between there is silence. The gong at the beginning and the end notify you when to get started and when to stop. You decide yourself the length of your meditation.  

Why is the Peer to Peer support important?

It is important to connect, bond, inspire and learn with women going through the same, to build coping strategies and a sense of belonging.

What are the internet connection requirements for the Silatha app?

At the moment the Silatha App requires minimum of 3G connection to work properly. Bandwidth average of 3Mbps.

    Can I keep my anonymity on the app?

    Yes during the account creation you can provide an 'avatar name', you do not have to provide your real name. Your email address is not visible on the app for all parties involved. Neither the group you are in, nor your employer have access to the personal information you entered into the app. The in app messages you send are encrypted and can't be accessed by others.

    For the webinars you can join via video call in which you can also put your 'avatar name' and communicate via chat. 

    Data privacy and GDPR? 

    All of the information regarding Silatha's Privacy Policy can be found here.

    In accordance to GDPR ruling you can request at any time to have your data removed. Simply write to with the Subject "Request Data removal" in order to start this process.

    Can I listen to Silatha meditations offline without internet connection?

    At the moment the Silatha app requires an internet connection. The minimum requirement for an internet connection is 3G. Bandwidth average of 3Mbps.

    What are the Supported Platform Versions for the Silatha app?

    • Apple App Store: We currently support iOS 12 and above.
    • Google Play Store: We currently support Android Version 5 Lollipop and above.

    I can’t concentrate (at all), what am I doing wrong?

    There is no wrong and right way. In the beginning it can be very hard to concentrate, and/or let go of thoughts entering your mind. With practice this will improve. It’s like sports training, when training your muscles you improve your strength and endurance. It’s the same with the mind, by training your mind, it will become easier to concentrate. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Is it proven that meditation is good for you?

    There is a lot of research on the benefits of a daily meditation practice. It all shows that, amongst other benefits, the following elements are proven:

    • Better concentration
    • Being more calm and balanced
    • Ability to control emotions more easily
    • Improves performance in relationships, work, sports, etc

    It has many health benefits like slower heart rate, reduced anxiety and reduced chance for many stress related illnesses