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Greener Ways to Celebrate Easter

Greener Ways to Celebrate Easter

Whilst the celebration of Easter is a typically associated with Christianity, it's roots are deeply entwined in Paganism. From the mythology of Ostara the Saxon fertility goddess to the Sumerian goddess Inanna's resurrection, Easter is a celebration of the Earth's return to light at the coming of Spring.

Whatever your faith may be, warmth, light and new life is something to celebrate. This Easter, we invite you to return to the festival's intention of honouring the Earth, with these greener ways to celebrate - chocolate included!

Sunrise celebration
Celebrate the coming of light, warmth and new life on the Earth by getting up early with your loved ones, or in quiet gratitude alone, and watching the sun rise. There's nothing like getting up in the darkness of dawn to really make you appreciate the power of the sun's rays.

Plant your seeds
What better way to honour new life than to participate in the cycle of creation yourself? This is the perfect opportunity to create a little herbal garden of your own. Take some time to feel into your body and sense what kind of herbal support it would love to nourish it for the new season. Perhaps it's rosemary to stimulate your circulation and shake off the stagnancy of winter. Or, lavender to attract and welcome the bees. Remember, you can also use your flowers and herbs, dried or fresh, to create your own medicine bath. Plants, herbs and flowers are our health allies. Simply place them in your warm bath and let your skin breathe in their soothing properties.

Make your own chocolate
It wouldn't be Easter without the good stuff! For a greener and cleaner Easter chocolate spree, try making your own. You can make your own chocolate with as little ingredients as coconut oil, cocoa powder and some natural sweeteners like honey, dates, and vanilla essence. For an easy chocolate fix, melt the ingredients together, add any special flavourings you like, and pour into ice cube trays and leave in the freezer to set. You can find plenty of recipes online, or get those Spring creative juices flowing, experiment and play!

A creative Easter bunny
The rabbit, or hare, was Ostara's sacred animal. As the goddess of fertility, it's clear to see why this very fertile animal is involved in the Spring time celebration. If you are embracing the Easter bunny and giving gifts this Easter, why not embody the creative potential of Spring and make your own? Can you recycle old treasures to create new life in the gifts you bring? Perhaps try creating your own cards, or try your hand at the traditional celebration of painting eggs? And if the creativity is just not flowing for you, see where you can buy from local artists and businesses for any cards and gifts to reduce your consumer impact.

Involve the elements
To really embrace the significance of the Earth in your Easter celebration, see if you can incorporate all of the elements in your day. Drink fresh water. Light some candles in the evening. Get outside and ground your feet in the Earth. Feel the breeze on your skin and practice deep breathing. This is a time to really connect with the Earth's elements and welcome the abundance that comes when we embrace the Earth's (and our own) cyclical nature.

The light within
We are inextricably linked to the Earth and her cycles and seasons. As we celebrate the coming abundance of light on Earth, we are reminded to return to the light within. If you have found your meditation practice has stalled a little over Winter, you can connect to the energy of Spring for fresh inspiration. Just as nature has her cycles, so do you. You can begin again today with your 21 day Silatha meditation. Return home to the light within you, and watch it slowly bloom with each day you practice.


Words by Kirilly Dawn, for Silatha.

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