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Join our Livestream Meditation

Join our Livestream Meditation

November has started: the grey sky, cold crispy air, and rainy afternoons. This used to be the month where I would leave the cold city and go for a new adventure, somewhere, where the sun warms my skin. Not this November, this November I’m on another journey, a journey within.  

Instead of exploring a new part of the world, I'm exploring new parts of me. And I must admit, it is even more exciting. My new adventure, Silatha, is live on Kickstarter and it’s amazing to get so many beautiful words, wishes and support from friends, family, ex-colleagues etc. It really warms my heart and it proves again how beautiful this world is. How help sometimes just seems to fall from the sky, when you need it the most. And it makes me believe again that when you truly want something, the universe does come together to give this to you. This is more warming than the sun could ever be.  

The Silatha Kickstarter is going well and we tipped over the 50% mark, with 3 weeks still to go. All thanks to amazing people who open up towards themselves and believe they can let go of the stress of today’s life, be more emotionally balanced and simply find more inner peace and contentment in life. A movement has started to #SetYourIntention. You want to join?  

If so, then one of the ways is to join in is a short meditation: join our livestream this Thursday 9PM CET. We will do a short meditation together. Meditating together is very powerful and we would like to share this with you. It won't take long and you'll be left feeling calmer and refreshed. Join us on:  

Another way is to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SilathaJourney, please join us there for tips, updates, gifts and more.


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