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Restyle yourself with meditation

Restyle yourself with meditation

Meditation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of style. Yes it’s in vogue currently, but it can work wonders for more aspects of your life than you realise.

Clear your mind, buy better

The benefits of having a quiet mind infiltrate into all walks of life. One is how you consume. When you’re happy with yourself you’ll be content with less. Minimalism is all the rage these days, yet it can be hard to put into place. With a daily meditation practise you’ll find yourself with a clearer mind, making smarter buying decisions. You’ll make less rash purchases, be drawn to quality items and you may even find yourself caring more about what you’re wearing and where it comes from. Everything in the chain is all connected. From our minds, to nature, to other people. Meditation can make this link not only more obvious but more relevant.

Inner zen = dress with flair

You know that feeling when you feel wonderful? You’ve got a bounce in your step, a beam on your face and you feel like you may just be walking on cloud nine? Have you also noticed when you feel like this everything looks wonderful on you? Rather than track pants and a baggy sweaty you’re more inclined to grab something colourful. A fun pattern, perhaps some cute accessories and of course a little lippy. Meditation can and will help you get to this place. When you find happiness within it’s only natural you’ll want to express it. This will come flourishing out with style, flair and your best accessory – a natural grin.

Eat. Pray. Slim.

One of the lesser known benefits of meditation is weight loss. Not surprisingly, a lot of weight gain is linked to impulsive food choices. Having a clear state of mind keeps these in check. Studies have shown meditators have more will power and higher activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain that controls impulses. Meditation also helps you to be more mindfull. When you eat mindfully you really savour the taste of every morsel. If you eat slower, tasting each intricate flavour on your tongue, overtime you’ll find you crave fresher food. Eat, pray, slim. Self love guarenteed.

Happy within & glow from within

Holding onto negative energies ages us as well as emphasises frown lines. Be someone who ages graciously. No surprise, smile lines have positive connotations. Turn that frown upside down, you’ll radiate the innocence of youth. Stress releases the hormone cortisol, which can accelerate the ageing process. Cortisol has the power to dull the skin, minimise cell rejuvenation, create age spots, and increase wrinkles and lines. Mediation releases neutralising chemicals which minimise stress. It helps us unwind, lowers blood pressure levels, and enhances positive emotions such as joy. Keep your skin glowing, your heart positive and radiate beauty from within. That’s a style that will never go out of fashion.

Silatha is boutique jewellery brand inspired by the ancient Tibetan symbol the Dorje. With ten different gemstones to choose from each helps you grow different inner qualities. Or choose one to match the colours you wear the most – this is often surprisngly telling. Elegant, classic and handcrafted it will not only look lovely it’ll also bring more happiness and balance into your life.

Paired with a meditation app, the 21 day journey guides you through the basics: from breathing to posture, to your train of thoughts. The Silatha Necklace or Silatha Bracelet sits against your heartbeat throughout the day helping to keep you balanced. Restyle yourself with meditation for a happier more radiant you.