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Gemstones for cynics

Gemstones for cynics

Gemstones have been revered for centuries, not only for their mesmerising beauty, but also their healing properties. The fascination with gemstones has continued through the ages, as we still wonder about their hidden powers. 

The power of crystals may seem a little hocus pocus for some, so we're created a little list so even the cynics can appreciate these fine stones.

They're simply beautiful

The first thing you notice about gemstones is their beauty. Each one is completely unique and a piece of art in itself. Their aesthetic is what would've first caught the human eye, and has lead to their use in jewellery, home decor, talismans and worship objects. If you're looking for a reason to wear a Silatha piece we hope it's beauty is one.

My precious, precious

Gemstones are called precious stones for a reason, they are rare and not something you stumble upon everyday. The rarer they are, the more expensive. Just like Golumn off Lord of the Rings, could feel the power of his precious ring, you too can feel the power of your precious stone. When wearing it if you're aware of it's rare nature, and that it was uniquely created from the earth you may feel a boost in it's aura.

There's energy in everything

Energy is everywhere, it's all around us. You might think that energy only exists in living creatures, but science says otherwise. Every piece of matter contains atoms, which are formed by a nucleus and electrons. Crystals too carry this energy. Each one has a unique blend of nucleus and electrons, whether you can feel the difference is up to you.

Colour as a symbol

Colours really impact our life and mood. Many studies on the psychology of colour have demonstrated how we're influenced by colours around us. Each gemstone has a unique blend of colours.

Some of them are pink like rose quartz the stone of love. Some are turquoise like aquamarine which symbolises the flow and calm of a peaceful water. Lapis-lazuli is dark blue with gold insertions of pyrite, which symbolises our inner peace and eternal wisdom. Malachite has green shades which symbolise the healing power of nature and the capacity of evolving and transforming. Others carry orange and red like carnelian which is known as energy, passion and courage.

When you understand how different colours affect your mood and associations you can easily see how your gemstone carries this power too.  

Believing, the highest power of the human mind

The human mind has an incredible ability to change the reality inside us and outside us with the simple act of believing. Some call it placebo, and to others it's something a little more magical. If you really believe in something, you can manifest it into happening. 

The human mind is powerful, but we like something external to believe in. As people don’t trust 100% in their own capacity of healing and receiving the things they desire, and this is the main reason they need an anchor to sustain their intentions.

Knowing all this, gemstones provide a great tool we can utilise to carry our intentions and manifest what we really want. Gemstones are a beauty to be enjoyed and revered for their unique characteristics. Have you tried our Silatha Journey? Choose the gemstone that speaks to you and combine it with our meditation app to transform your inner world.