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Flow & Relief - NEW OFFER


Flow & Relief - NEW OFFER
Flow & Relief - NEW OFFER Flow & Relief - NEW OFFER Flow & Relief - NEW OFFER Flow & Relief - NEW OFFER

£29.00 Gem Package

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Silver Bracelet & Flow and Relief Meditation App

Jewellery meets meditation to grow Flow & Relief

The Ocean of Infinity Dorje is set with the stunning Aquamarine gemstone, a stone of intense beauty. Read more about Aquamarine.

The Silatha Meditation App

With each Silatha Jewel comes the specific series on the accompanying Silatha Meditation App. With Aquamarine, you receive the Flow & Relief series, to work specifically on this intention. You can download the app in your app store (iOS and Android). After purchasing your Silatha jewellery, you will have access to the matching 21-day series on the Silatha meditation app, by using the same email address for your login as you purchase the jewellery with. To find more information about the meditation app, click here.

Jewellery Specifications

  • Silver  
  • Adjustable cord

As each gemstone is unique and made from natural materials, it may vary in colour and pattern from the represented picture.

The Silatha Dorje is a reminder of the growth that you’re capable of and becomes your reminder and companion along the Silatha meditation course.

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