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Meditation app for busy women


Discover how to rapidly improve your life in less than 5 minutes a day without taking anything off your busy schedule!

Not everything can go to plan, especially as a busy mum. Stop beating yourself up for not being 'perfect' and discover the Silatha toolkit to cultivate a habit of meditation so that you're not running empty and have time for the things that truly matter.

This is how the Silatha toolkit works:

Silatha toolkit = Meditation app + Hand-made Jewel

Get your Silatha Inner-Peace and Balance meditation app + bracelet for only £29 here!


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How does the Silatha Toolkit support you?

Silatha’s toolkit is designed to help busy mums to create lasting change in life, in just a few minutes each day.

A combination of a meditation app to guide you to more inner-peace and balance and a beautiful jewel to remind you.

During the specially designed meditations, you are supported to feel worthy, while being guided to tie your desired intention to a tangible jewellery piece.

This process trains your brain to be reminded of your intention anytime that you are faced with a stressful situation.

You hold your jewel and a signal is sent to your brain to alleviate the stress. This is backed by science and falls under the notion of embodied cognition.

This toolkit was created after in-depth research on habit creation. The Silatha method is loved by BJ Fogg, best selling author of Tiny Habbits and one of worlds leaders on habit creation.  

Do you prefer a bracelet or necklace?

£29 for the Bracelet & Meditation app
£79 for the Necklace & Meditation App

Why more Inner-Peace & Balance?

Daily life can be busy, hectic and at times overwhelming.

Enjoy life on a deeper, and more satisfying level. When you start to soothe your mind and emotions, you will become calmer and more patient in the situations you face each day. When you can balance your energy better, you will benefit from more stability and composed reactions to unexpected events. You will start to focus your attention on things within your control and let go of what you cannot.

Silatha developed a unique approach to rewire your brain in only 5 minutes a day. 

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"Elegant, classic and handcrafted, they not only look lovely, they also bring more happiness and balance " - Elle MAGAZINE


Mentions Silatha among the 20 Best Apps

Get today your Silatha meditation app + bracelet for only £29

What our partners say:

 'It’s a great introduction to meditation and has such a variety of meditations and expert teachers. It helps to establish positive habits.'

Tara Lee - Yoga and pregnancy yoga and meditation teacher


It is created with a close community.
Love the idea of choosing a piece of jewellery that resonates with what we need from the meditation. I love that there are different styles of meditation and the linked to the jewel. I also love that one can choose the plan as they go making it accessible and affordable.

Chantal DiDonato - Author, speaker and holistic health coach


Our behaviour only changes when we make it so habitual that we don’t feel the stretch of including it in our lives. By creating jewellery and technology that supports self care, the Silatha app offers a daily connection to the path back to ourselves.

Clare Daniell - Yoga teacher


What do other customers say:

Helene - 38

“The Silatha Journey helps me
connect with my inner self”

For me it’s not always easy to have the discipline to practice everyday. The Silatha Toolkit makes it easier for me to be reminded. And every time I do meditate, it’s a treat, a gift to myself.

Caro - 43

“I wouldn’t have survived
without the Silatha toolkit.”

I was going through very tough business times when I started the Silatha Journey. Setting up my own company that was blowing successfully. While making sure all other things were flying in my life.
My only time for me during the day, was the Silatha meditation. I believe I would have turned crazy without it.

Sarah - 40

“The Silatha toolkit keeps me
on the track I choose”

The Silatha jewel is my tangible reminder to the intention I set for myself, and therefore it helps me to keep me on track. The Silatha meditation is a moment of rest in my busy day, that gives me inspiration and energy. It really is the moment for me to empty my head.

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