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Four Pillars of the Silatha program

The Silatha program is an empowerment experience for organisations that wish to provide a stronger diversity and support offer for their workforce. The Silatha program consists of 4 pillars that are interconnected with each other, the pillars are as follows :

1. Peer to Peer Support ( Tribe )

Peer support provides a nurturing environment where individuals can experience empathy, share their stories, and receive emotional support. It fosters a non-judgmental space where employees can freely express themselves and gain knowledge and resources to manage their unique situations. Engaging in peer support enhances self-confidence and a sense of empowerment. It cultivates a strong community and a sense of belonging, promoting improved mental well-being. Moreover, peer support is a cost-effective option that can be complemented with professional help for complex or severe concerns. The Silatha program offers supportive group chat options (Tribe), as well private group rooms for comfort and privacy.

2. Coaching & Workshop

Coaching and workshops provide a wealth of advantages for personal and professional growth. They offer opportunities for skill development, heightened self-awareness, goal setting with accountability, improved performance and productivity, enhanced communication and interpersonal skills, increased confidence and motivation, networking and collaboration possibilities, prioritization of personal well-being, and a commitment to continuous learning. Our coaching and workshop sessions will also provide a supportive group chat (Tribe) as well private group rooms for comfort and privacy as mentioned in the point above.

3. Access to Experts

The Silatha program offers easy access to experts, who can empower individuals with knowledge, problem-solving abilities, collaboration opportunities, and credibility, fostering innovation and facilitating personal and professional growth. We provide access to a network of professionals who specialise in the subjects of our workshops.

4. Mindfulness

Mindfulness offers numerous benefits, including reduced stress, improved mental health, enhanced focus and concentration, increased self-awareness, better emotional regulation, improved relationships, physical health benefits, and increased overall well-being. Regular practice is important to experience these advantages, and it's important to note that the benefits may vary from person to person. Mindfulness can be accessed via our range of workshops and the Silatha app where the user can enjoy a collection of subject focused webinars as well as Anchor meditation sessions.