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Your personalised toolkit to grow your meditation ritual starts here. Silatha's award-winning toolkit empowers you to make meditation stick. In just a few minutes a day, you create some 'me-time'. So that you feel re-energised and more controled over your life.

At Silatha we have created the perfect combination of tools to allow you to create a mindful life, amplifying the qualities and intentions that you desire. We understand that as a working mother, it can often be hard to navigate the way toward a successful work/life balance. The weight of playing multiple roles such as the mother, wife, chef, housekeeper, peacemaker and often the breadwinner too can show up in many ways.

That’s why we have thoughtfully designed a toolkit to help you develop a more mindful life, allowing the stress to fall and a more aligned intention to take its place. After much research, we have uncovered commonalities amongst working mothers who, like you, seek Unconditional Love & Compassion, Inner Peace & Balance, Emotional Stability & Letting Go, Flow & Relief, Energy & Intuition, Balance & Calm during Pregnancy, Courage & Positivity, Clarity & Realisation, Trust & Inner Power, Reflection & Protection, Self Esteem & Will-power and Embracing Grief. We have curated meditations around the above intentions and paired them with an aligning piece of gemstone jewellery. You can choose your gemstone jewellery based on what you want to cultivate most in your life. If you wish, you can also use your own piece if you have a tangible object that you carry with you daily. We have seen that it is beneficial to invest specifically into an item that will remind you of this specific intention. Though the meditations are created in such a way, that the rewriting of your brain works with any object.


Colour as a symbol

Colours really impact our life and mood. Many studies on the psychology of colour have demonstrated how we're influenced by colours around us. Each gemstone has a unique blend of colours.

Some of them are pink like rose quartz, the stone of love. Some are turquoise like aquamarine which symbolises the flow and calm of peaceful water. Lapis-lazuli is dark blue with gold insertions of pyrite, which symbolises our inner peace and eternal wisdom. Malachite has green shades which symbolise the healing power of nature and the capacity of evolving and transforming. Others carry orange and red like carnelian which is known as energy, passion and courage.

When you understand how different colours affect your mood and associations you can easily see how your gemstone carries this power too.

Believing, the highest power of the human mind

The human mind has an incredible ability to change the reality inside us and outside us with the simple act of believing. Some call it placebo, and to others it's something a little more magical. If you really believe in something, you can manifest it into happening.

The human mind is powerful, but we like something external to believe in. As people don’t trust 100% in their own capacity of healing and receiving the things they desire, and this is the main reason they need an anchor to sustain their intentions.

Knowing all this, gemstones provide a great tool we can utilise to carry our intentions and cultivate what we really want. Gemstones are a beauty to be enjoyed and revered for their unique characteristics

Our gemstone intention filled jewellery is paired with a bespoke meditation app, designed to enhance your journey and help you grow. By linking your gem to your meditation practice it serves as a physical reminder, strengthening your intention. This helps turn your meditation into a habit, which has been proven to be pivotal for the creation of a lasting practise.

It is vital for your own wellbeing to allocate 1 to 7 minutes to yourself each day.  Just as people cite “there are only so many hours in a day”, there is also only so much time, energy and mental space you can give onto others. Although you try, you simply cannot fit it all in. It is therefore our duty to carefully choose which we want to give our energy to and who is more important than you?

These meditations will support you in just a few minutes a day, to create more balance and mindfulness in your life. An important element for this, is to link your personal intention to a physical object. We’ve created a specific jewellery collection to choose from, though if you prefer another object, feel free to use this. It’s important that with every meditation you do, you keep your object, which we will call your ‘gem’, close. During each meditation, you create a mental link of your intention to your gem, so that when you need your selected intention during the day, you can hold your gem and you will feel that reminder flowing into your system. Over time this connection will grow stronger so that you always carry the reminder with you to support in growing your personal intention. If you want to learn more about the science behind this notion, we recommend you to search the term embodied cognition.

Before starting your first meditation, make sure to have your ‘gem’ / your object closeby. After being guided a few times by the audio, you will also begin to integrate some of the breathing exercises into your daily life as a reflex in stressful situations. For example, when you want to relax or need a dose of patience, you can repeat some of the techniques you learn whether your home alone or  ‘on the go’.

Join countless other women who have embarked on the Silatha Journey. Follow us on Instagram or join our tribe on Facebook. We are happy to hear from you and love to hear your daily struggles and achievements and we can celebrate together. 

“Long-lasting happiness, the kind that feels pure and profound, is the happiness that comes from within.” 

- Veroniek Vermeulen, Silatha Founder

 We wish you a beautiful journey towards a more balanced and loving life.