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Meditation App for busy women

The Silatha meditation app enables you to create some much needed me-time. Silatha empowers women in less than 10 minutes a day, to feel re-energised and balanced. Through it's unique meditation app combined with an anchor.
The Silatha meditation app, takes you along all life's challenges, such as pregnancy, inequality at work and menopause. Check the app to find your key challenge and be guided by the meditations.
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Anchor Meditation
Silatha is the first and only meditation app that is linked to a physical anchor that functions as a reminder. This makes you six times as likely to create a new habit than with other meditation apps. 
The specific technique of Anchor Meditation helps to ingrain a new habit. Any object can be used as an anchor. Silatha has designed a unique collection of jewellery that can be used as anchor. It is inspired by the Tibetan Dorje, a ritual weapon representing firmness of spirit and spiritual power. Your anchor is your daily reminder. Meditate with it to charge it with your intention. Keep it close to you throughout a day to pause and ground yourself whenever you need it most.
Meditation style
We incorporate mindfulness mediation, the most popular style practised today. Mindfulness encourages you to be in the moment, without recalling the past or worrying about the future. Mediations enables you to be aware of your body sensations, acknowledging thoughts, and learning to be present and still.
We start with a few deep breaths to center yourself and then we use different breathing techniques. This helps you to relax your body, while your mind gets peaceful. During the breathing meditation you can achieve a deep relaxation state and the results will come quickly in just a few minutes of practice.
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