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Create a thriving work environment

What do we achieve

Silatha helps to design an inclusive workplace of the future where women feel accepted, trusted, and valued, for enterprises that believe they can be more successful with an inclusive environment for women.

Unlike other well-being programs, Silatha connects women who go through the same pain, so that lasting support women networks are created within the company.

Silatha’s Program is designed to:

  • Drive awareness and openness of realities women face
  • Build coping- and behavior-change strategies for the women affected
  • Build in focused mentoring skills
  • Work in sync with the natural inclinations of women

Why we do it

Diverse teams with women make an organization more innovative, productive, collaborative and increases profitability with 15%.

For women to unleash their full potential there are certain conditions that need to be established, for them to feel accepted, trusted and valued so they can truly thrive.

We believe that companies who invest in creating these environments, will be the most sustainably successful.

How do we tackle the challenge

As part of creating a thriving environment, companies need to address the taboo topics of:

  • Hormonal realities (menopause, PMS, pregnancy, etc)
  • Multiple caregiving roles
  • Managing biases

At Silatha we help companies create environments where these realities are understood and specific tools are offered, to help manage these realities.

We believe this is a part of a healthy company’s cultural transformation on the road to fully diverse and thriving teams.

Silatha is the only holistic approach focused on the specific women’s life cycles and the taboos around women's mental wellbeing in these periods in life. 


Our concept has a four-prong approach:

  • To raise awareness of the challenges throughout the organization
  • To prepare management to deal with the challenges
  • To create peer-to-peer mentoring groups that enable women to connect and build resilience
  • To enable women to better deal with the challenges through meditation and coaching.

 The program takes place across 4 elements:

  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Workshop on the topic with coaches
  • Experts on the topic
  • Topic specific, behavior changing meditations


Our pioneering program is designed to help forward-thinking companies, who care about their women and are  passionate about attracting and retaining talent. 

Our systematic approach to workplace wellbeing ensures you maximize the effectiveness.

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