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  Maude Hirst

Class 1: Balance

An exploitive session to bring you back into internal balance. In a world full of distractions and busyness, this session will guide you gently back to find a place of neutrality - slowing down the body and mind to find your calm.

Class 2: Peace

Come and be guided into your inner peace. A meditation that will help switch off from you external world and become present to your internal world. Finding peace will come when you stop focussing on the memories of the past and the predictions of your future - let this meditation guide you to the PEACE of the present moment.


Naomi Buff

Class 1

A MIND.BODY approach to weight loss with Naomi exploring all the contributing factors to lifelong weight loss that doesn’t involve dieting or restricting food groups.  Naomi will cover what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and shape shifting your thought process and noticing your mindset and the effect that it has on weight.

Class 2

Raw Chocolate Demo - Learn about the health benefits of raw cacao and how to make your own healthy raw chocolate treats in 15 minutes with only 5 ingredients - this workshop will change your life and your relationship to chocolate! 


Zephyr Wildman

Grief is a part of love. It hurts because we love. And just as we fall in love and want to share it with everyone, on social media, at weddings and parties and so on, our grief too wants to be expressed. However, in society today we find it hard to know how to express grief, support those who are grieving and find tools to help us bear what is ours to carry. Nothing will ever fix or solve our grief as it is a natural, normal and healthy reaction to loss. When we experience loss, grief fills our life with darkness. This darkness never goes way, we just learn how to expand our life around the darkness. 
There are many tools to help with managing our grief. Zephyr will share some ways that the principles of yoga and Buddhist psychology can help manage grief through applied yoga-asana and meditation practices. This holistic, mind-body approach will allow you to kindly open the grief experience, physically moving the body to release some of the build-up of sensation or awaken the feelings by creating sensation, a useful method of encouraging the hurt to untangle. Students will also use seated practices and guided meditation to help find more resilience by allowing us to tend to our grief with more understanding, compassion and trust.



Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher is a moon mentor, author, soul alignment coach, yoga and meditation teacher with an infectious passion for life. 

She is the founder of online sisterhood Lunar Living, teaching all about the magic of the moon and author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon

Described as down to earth, warm-hearted, compassionate and inspiring to be around she is known for bringing ancient mystical practices and wisdom to real modern day people and life, in a relatable way that anyone and everyone can take something from. She brings her heart, soul and depth of her knowledge to all of her teaching and speaking.

Crystal magic 

Crystals can be extremely useful tools for manifesting your goals and dreams, balancing your energy and emotions, bringing strength and courage, happiness and even love! This session will be an introduction into working with the magic of crystals and their healing, cleansing and manifesting properties. Come with an open heart and mind and be prepared to be transformed by these little gems of magic! 

Lunar Living - working with the magic of the moon

You’ve maybe heard about the power of the moon and how it affects your emotions. You’ve maybe stood mesmerised looking up at her in the night sky feeling she has secrets to share. Or maybe there are a few days out of each month that you feel you can’t sleep, overly emotional or that everyone around you is acting a little crazy?! What if I told you that you could find an answer for all of these things and so much more in working with the constantly changing cycles of the moon. What if I told you that rather than being thrown around by your thoughts and emotions and life you could instead look to the moon and her energies to make sense of how you were feeling and use her cycles to create powerful change and take back control. During this talk by Kirsty Gallagher she will let you into the wisdom of the moon and how you can work with the different phases to bring real magic in your life.


 Kathryn McCusker 

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You!

As life gets busier and more stressful, staying healthy, happy and true to our Self becomes more challenging.

Kundalini Yoga can deepen our awareness, bringing more clarity and connection to our authentic self. Through movement, mantra and meditation, the practice encourages a healthy lifestyle and a happy attitude to help support mind and body through these accelerated times. 

Experience rejuvenating and uplifting Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to de-stress the mind and energise the body, so you can be at your absolute best for 2020!

All levels welcome, including complete beginners.

Embrace 2020 with Radiant Health & Happiness & Manifest your Intentions!

Kundalini Yoga can deepen our awareness, bringing more clarity and connection to our authentic self. Through movement, mantra and meditation, the practice encourages a healthy lifestyle and a happy attitude to help support mind and body through these accelerated times. 

Experience transformative and rejuvenating Kundalini Yoga kriyas to reclaim your health, vitality and happiness as we enter a new year. We will finish with a meditation for manifestation.

All levels welcome, including complete beginners.


Tara Lee
will be teaching a yoga class to help free your body of any aches and pains that may have accumulated during pregnancy. This class will help you feel more connected to your baby and calm and soothe you. Suitable for any pregnant women from 14 weeks onwards. 


Sushma Sugar - Boutique one to one

Allow The Calmery practitioners to clear your mind and soothe your energy. 

The head clearing treatment is a non-invasive and gentle treatment that helps you to release heavy emotions.  

You will emerge feeling calm, content and rejuvenated with clarity in your mind, a bit like emerging from the perfect nap.