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Your Silatha Dorje is inspired by one of the most sacred objects in Tibetan Buddhism, the Dorje. It represents our inner light and our true nature - brilliant, indestructible and always here.

Dorje also means thunderbolt and is known for its power to transform; like a lightning bolt that can strike us anytime, to realise our true inner nature and to build - once again - the connection to our inner light.

The Dorje is used during meditation, to support the meditation practice. Carrying the Dorje and meditating with it keeps us connected to our journey and intention.

The Silatha Dorje is available with 10 different gemstones. Each gemstone is carrying beautiful qualities that you also carry within. Choose your Silatha Dorje either on it's beauty, or because a specific gemstone is attracting you. Under the tab 'GEMSTONE QUALITIES', you can find how the different gemstones can inspire you.

You can also take our ‘Discover Your Silatha Dorje’  quiz here.