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My Silatha Journey began when I discovered meditation, and the calm and fulfilment it could bring to my busy, daily routine. Living, loving and breathing this new rhythm, has been the most beautiful gift in my life. I wish to share the Silatha Journey, enable you to light your inner glow and feel the difference in your life.’ Silatha Founder, Veroniek Vermeulen.

‘It all started in 2011, when I took time out from my career in senior corporate management, for a meditation retreat in Nepal. ‘I loved my job and enjoyed success, but I felt life was leading me. I wanted to regain control and consciously lead my life.

In the Himalayas, I had a life-changing realisation. I felt what it meant to be in the present moment. By contrast, our modern lifestyles are busy and preoccupied, we spend half of our time thinking about the past or future, rather than being in the moment.

I understood how meditation enables consciousness and peace, and this motivated me to transform the way I live my life.

In our modern Western lives, there is always more to desire and this is, by nature, deeply unfulfilling. Meditation offers an alternative, to connect inwards. It allows us to nurture our own inner quality and strengths for long-term pleasure and true fulfilment.

I continued my learning with retreats in monasteries in Vietnam and Myanmar, although I found the ‘glow’ was difficult to hold onto once back in everyday life. This is what sparked the idea to transform the ancient wisdom of meditation for modern lifestyles. This breathed life into the Silatha Journey.

I left my corporate career behind to self-fund Silatha. First, commissioning the transformation of the ancient mediation symbol the Dorje into a handcrafted necklace. Each set with one of ten gemstones that align to an inner quality to be nurtured.

Secondly, to make meditation easy to practice in everyday life, I developed the Silatha Meditation Course App with a series of guided meditations to introduce different techniques over 21 days. Learn to nurture your chosen quality and connect inwards, in about 15 minutes of practice each day.

I invite you to begin your own Silatha Journey and discover your inner source of lasting fulfilment and happiness.

With love,


A strong team behind Silatha makes it possible for you to experience this beautiful journey, please meet the fantastic Silatha team.

Zoe - Divine Communication Angel

Zoe has 19 years’ experience in the luxury goods, fragrance and beauty industry working on multiple brands including Chanel, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Acqua di Parma on PR, brand image, commercial, creative and marketing projects. Zoe is un-exhaustible in sharing her love for Silatha.

Jo - Sales Champion

With more than a decade spent in senior sales, management and buying roles for high-profile luxury beauty brands including Sarah Chapman, Bamford Body, Cowshed and Harrods, Jo brings a broad and balanced perspective on how to develop and grow lifestyle brands into international successes.

Nicole - Coach and wonderful Spirit

Nicole is a certified Master Coach in NLP, TLT & Hypnosis, a Stakeholder Centred Coaching certified coach, a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is the author of the coaching book “Why hasn’t anyone told me? The success factor that we were never taught”. Above all, she is always there to make you smile from the heart. 

Sam - Everyday Saviour

Champion of positive lifestyle and wellbeing, Sam’s 13+ years of experience has seen her working as a publicist for the likes of National Geographic and HarperCollins US, directing luxury lifestyle PR & Communications for household brands such as Molton Brown, to working with the NHS as a mental health support worker. She is also a qualified Life Coach and holds a UC in Psychology.

Kesha - Superstar of Words

With a background in advertising, social media and writing Kesha has helped produce content for many brands. She's passionate about using words and visuals to tell stories, and writes professionally and for leisure. Kesha loves working in the realm of wellbeing, as it helps people contemplate life and explore their potential.

Amelia - Wellness Artist

Amelia is a colour and crystal therapist, meditation guide and a wellness coach. She has a passion for creativity, wellness, and holistic health. She believes that every woman deserves to live a happy and mindful life. Amelia loves to transform creativity into the art of healing and rebirth. 

Ana - Magician of Design

With over ten years of experience in design and photography, Ana has worked for several agencies, one of which was Ogilvy, and worked with clients such as Unilever. Ana shows an eye for beauty and perfection. Doing all she does, from her heart. 

Leo - Digital Hero

Leo is very passionate about technology and design, which has led her to animate several front-end related workshops. With her broadly developed technical skill set, she keeps all technical details up to date and running, making Silatha visible to the world.