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About the app

With each Silatha Dorje comes an invitation and access code to the accompanying Silatha Meditation App. It includes a 21-day course of guided meditations to nurture your chosen inner quality, with additional silent meditations to extend the journey.

App Content

The Silatha App guides you in 21 days through the basics of meditation. Week one introduces simple breathing techniques to focus the mind. Week two and three introduce the four pillars of our Silatha meditation. Non-Attachment brings the power to let go. Self-Mastery gives encouragement to write your own story. Firm-Kindness supports being true to yourself and others. Light-heartedness develops the strength to live with the flow.

With the Silatha app you can practice whenever and wherever you are and grow yourself in only 15 to 20 minutes a day. After you have finished the first 21 days there are silent meditations to continue your journey. You can then alternate these, with any of the 21 meditations.

The Silatha App can be downloaded from your app store. You will receive a password on purchasing the Silatha Dorje Jewellery. It consists of 21-guided meditations, different lengths of silent meditations and a private community to keep you inspired and motivated. 



 Some of the many meditation benefits 

  • Improves concentration
  • Helps us to sleep better
  • Improves your performance in sports
  • Strengthens control over our emotions
  • Improves the quality of our eating habits
  • Decreases stress and helps in being more calm and balanced
  • Many health benefits like reducing our blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety as well as boosting our immune system

Try a Silatha Meditation 

To give you a flavour of the Silatha Journey 21-Day meditation course, we have created a special meditation for you to try. We have made this meditation slightly different from the other Silatha meditations, so that it can be practiced without the Silatha jewellery. Click on the link to listen to this trial meditation.