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Unleash your best self - retreat with Silatha

Are you ready to journey to your inner self, open your heart and create space and balance?

NEW DATE: 3rd to 6th September 2020 


Join us for a long weekend in the stunning nature of Northern Portugal to reconnect to your deepest wishes & desires and create clarity on how to live your life. Through various exercises, meditation and the use of all your senses you will start unfolding what is holding you back in order to live your true life. Over the weekend you will develop insights and tools to help integrate and reshape your own life that is truly aligned with your purpose.

 Program focus:

  • Reconnect to your inner power

  • Increase consciousness

  • Deepen love, joy and purpose

  • Start living your life from your core and passion

What you will learn:

  • Tap into your purpose

  • Understand your systems and ‘why you react as you do’

  • Start breaking through those routines and habits

  • Create space in your heart from which you will plant seeds to how to live your life purposefully and close to your deepest desires

  • Create a meditation ritual

  • Develop a journaling practice

    For whom is the event: 

    • We have only 8 spaces, so it is a small intimate group

    • Anyone who is searching for a deeper meaning in life, and wants a more fulfilling life creating space for your true purpose.


    Three kick-ass women are ready to make this retreat one to never forget. Be ready to change your life. Your teachers will be leading you to ensure your personal transformation! 

    Helene Webers

    “I believe the world will become an even more beautiful place when people would connect more to their true self and live from there”

    Formerly as a manager in the corporate world, and currently as a facilitator of change, I mostly enjoy guiding people in their growth. To accompany them taking a look inside and to offer them a glance in the mirror and be surprised. The core of my work is to increase consciousness and guide individuals, teams and organisations to find and follow their own, unique path. I am grateful for the various retreats that I have been organising; the connection that is created within and between people and the breakthrough insights that people gain are priceless to me.

    Helene is an experienced facilitator, who will guide you together with Veroniek, through different exercises to find your true self and create a way to live more balanced and from the heart.

    Read more about Helene:

    Veroniek Vermeulen

    Inspired by a trip to Nepal, where Veroniek was introduced to meditation, she decided to change her successful corporate career to create the brand Silatha. This journey began when she discovered meditation, and the calm and fulfilment it could bring to her busy, daily routine. “Living, loving and breathing this new rhythm, meditation has been the most beautiful gift in my life. I wish to share this with you to enable you to light your inner glow and feel the difference in your life.”

    The first 30+ years of my life, I lived predominantly inside my head, even though my emotions were strong, I had learned to ignore them and live from a place of logic and rationality. At one point, life hit me, with the clear fact that following my brain, wasn't bringing me the life that I desired. This brought me to the journey of discovering meditation, which I have not let go since. It brings calm energy into my life, heightened intuition and a better understanding of self. 

    Veroniek is a certified life-coach and meditation teacher who will be present throughout the retreat to support you in finding your heart's desires and begin living your life with passion and purpose. She will be guiding you through daily meditations and together with Helene look forward to greeting you on a retreat of self-discovery and growth.  

    Read more about Veroniek:

    Chantal Di Donato
      Chantal's been practicing yoga on and off for 13 years and teaching full time since 2015. Having dealt with a lot of self acceptance and self love issues, yoga became integral part of her healing in conjunction with her coaching practice and a kinder approach to life through plant based and eco living. Chantal's journey of self love and discovery continues daily living life holistically to nourish her soul as well as her body.
      When she is not guest teaching across Europe, you will find her writing books, speaking at events and working on new ideas.
      Chantal will take care of the Delicious vegan food and will teaches the yoga classes.

      What’s included

      • Three and half days of day-filling program with meditation, yoga and personal and group exercises

      • Healthy breakfast and dinner and some snacks in-between (all meals are vegan)

      • Beautiful accommodation in Northern Portugal’s nature reserve

      • A beautiful Silatha Journal and silver Silatha bracelet and access to the Silatha Meditation App


      What’s NOT included

      • Flight to Porto Airport

      • Lunch (there are lovely a la-carte lunch options at Eco Dharma)

      • Transfers to the location can be organised for you and there is a shuttle bus 4 times a day

      • There is an opportunity to book an additional night and join us for a walk in nature on Sunday afternoon September 7 for a fee


      For more information, drop us a line on and we can set up a call to help you with all your questions.

      Check in/ check out

      Thursday , September 3 2020 5:00 PM
      Sunday, September 6 2020 12:00 PM

      If you like to enjoy a beautiful walk in nature to let all sink in, then please stay till September 7. 


      Eco Dharma Village Lugar du Soutelo 4970-353 Portugal (map)


      Nearest Airports: Porto or Vigo (Spain) 


      50% non-refundable deposit required to guarantee a place on the retreat. The full balance is due no less than 6 weeks prior the retreat. You may also pay in full at the time of booking if you prefer. Booking made less than 6 weeks prior to the event must be paid in full. 

      • Regular Price: Euro 850 (private room), Euro 600 (shared room)

      • Early Bird: Euro 700 (private room), Euro 500 (shared room) Ends August 1st


      All rooms are semi open plan en-suites, with modern boho-chic features. Two bedrooms in the main building and three geodesic “glamping” domes. Each room can host two people comfortably.

      Terms and Conditions apply




      This is a very rough outline of the days, all rights are reserved to make changes to the schedule depending on the group, weather and circumstances.

      Thursday evening

    • Gather at 5:00 p.m. (opening ceremony)
    • Dinner
    • Circle sharing

    • Friday

    • Morning meditation
    • Breakfast
    • Journaling
    • Circle
    • Yoga
    • Lunch break
    • Mind-body exercises
    • Hike or free time
    • Dinner
    • Creative exercise
    • Short Evening Meditation
    • Bedtime

    • Saturday

    • Morning meditation
    • Breakfast
    • Journaling
    • Mind-body exercises
    • Lunch break
    • Circle
    • Yoga
    • Hike or free time
    • Dinner
    • Short evening meditation
    • Bedtime

    • Sunday

    • Morning meditation
    • Breakfast
    • Yoga practice
    • Closing exercise and ritual
    • Closing circle
    • 12.00h Departures
    • 13h00 Optional to stay for a walk in nature (recommended to let all sink in)