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Congratulations! You have made a strong and beautiful commitment to yourself, to start your journey within. Please go to the meditation app for which you received your personal login code. Today you can listen to the Introduction and Day 1. Tomorrow Day 2 will open, and for each day following the new meditation will be waiting for you. As the particular order is important, they appear day by day.

If you ever feel you want to do an extra meditation that day, you can go to the silent meditations on your app. You will find them at the bottom of the app in the purple section. After you have completed the 21 days, your app will be complete and you can return to any of the days whenever you want to.  

It is important that you meditate everyday so that you create this new habit. After 21 days, it becomes automatic to take your time to meditate. Take a fixed moment in the day to meditate, as this helps to create a habit. The morning is ideal, as you profit from your meditation for the rest of your day. Also, create a nice place in your home where you can get your moment for you. Your Silatha Dorje Jewellery is your reminder; keep it somewhere so that you see it every morning.

We wish you a lot of joy, happiness and love.

Connect inwards, glow outward.