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Your Daily Silatha Meditation

A gentle reminder to practice love and kindness as we navigate our way through the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Now more than ever we need to support each other, there is no doubt that the rising uncertainty is causing stress and anxiety within our communities. We wish to support your mental and emotional wellness during this time so have hand-selected meditations from our series that will boost intentions and energies for the better. 

Creating a new habit is not an easy thing, so we’re here to do all we can to support you along the way. 

 Every day, a new free mediation is uploaded here for you.


These daily meditations will inspire balance, minimise anxiety, increase mindfulness as well as enhance your general wellbeing. Some of the other scientifically known ways meditation can positively affect your life include greater emotional intelligence, deeper sleep, improved concentration, reduce blood pressure and can help cultivate positive relationships.

Our Silatha meditation app includes many different 21-day series meditations created to inspire calm and lasting balance in your life. Each is tailored to the intention you wish to encourage and we have a special code of 25% off should you wish to expand your journey:  Your_New_Routine

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