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Yearly Meditatio App Subscription -old


Yearly Meditatio App Subscription -old

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The Silatha meditation app enables you to grow yourself by setting an intention and be guided on a 21-day journey to transform yourself.

The app includes eleven 11 different series of 21-day meditations created to inspire calm and a lasting balance, each tailored to the intention you wish to encourage. 
In just 15 minutes a day, watch yourself transform and your inner world blossom.

Are you feeling called to transform your meditation practice in alignment with your personal path? Your insight knows the direction your soul needs to continue your inner growth and transformation. We invite you to take a 21-day guided meditation journey with us along your chosen path of growth and transformation.

At Silatha, we understand the power and purpose of intention. You yourself know deep within you which qualities, attributes you desire to shift to continue to evolve. Knowing the power a dedicated practice with the right intention can have, we've created hundreds of new guided meditation series to help you really cultivate the essence of your intention within you.

The Silatha meditation app includes eleven series of 21-day meditations. Each of the eleven series are dedicated to your chosen qualities throughout the 21 days. In this way, you will witness how these qualities grow within you, staying present through the ebb and flow of the journey. Each series can be repeated or a new series on a different topic, can be started. 

This is a transformative process in the area which you feel most called to at this point in your life. The eleven tailored intentions include:

  • Letting Go and Emotional Stability

  • Inner Peace and Balance

  • Flow and Relief

  • Clarity and Realisation

  • Positivity and Courage

  • Trust and Inner Power

  • Energy and Intuition

  • Reflection and Protection

  • Willpower and Self Esteem

  • Compassion and Unconditional Love

  • Self-mastery and Light-heartedness


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