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Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations


Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations
Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations Embracing Grief Reminder Bracelet & Meditations

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Silver Bracelet & Embracing Grief 21-day series on Silatha's Meditation App

We are proud to announce our collaboration with leading Yogini Zephyr Wildman which has led to the creation of a very special edition line of jewellery and a 21-day meditation program. Together, they are designed to help you manage the strong feelings and emotions around grief and loss.

With first hand experience dealing with loss and trauma, Zephyr found an incredible support system in yoga and meditation and credits both practices in helping her create the strength and courage to forge ahead. When Zephyr lost her late husband to cancer, meditation provided her with a blueprint from which she could start to rebuild her life. She began to see that around the grief she experienced she could develop tools to help her move forward with more tenderness, compassion and understanding.

Apache tears were chosen as the gems for this unique special edition due to the unique tales about them. As the story goes, a Native American tribe called the Apaches were battling the US cavalry, instead of being defeated they rode their horses off the cliffs edge. Tears were shed by their wives and children and fell to the earth transforming into these dark stones. The Embracing Grief Dorje is carrying two Apache Tears gemstones. Apache Tears is a stone that supports in healing negative energy and loss. 

The distinctive shape and colour illuminates our capacity to connect to others and is believed to cultivate more stability, anchoring you so you can tend to your grief with more empathy and kindness.  

Here’s how it works:

This jewel comes with the Embracing Grief meditation series on our Silatha app or if you are pregnant, you can choose the pregnacy seriesOnce a day whether it’s on your commute to work or whenever you can steal a moment to yourself, you are gently reminded to listen to your daily guided meditation.

During the meditation, you’ll be guided to tie your desired intention of embracing grief to your tangible jewellery piece. This process will train your brain to be reminded of embracing grief anytime that you hold your jewel throughout your day.

The act of touching your jewel when faced with a stressful situation sends a signal to your brain, reminding you of your intention. The science behind embodied cognition substantiates this notion. 

The series runs for 21-days and will remain with you for whenever you wish to revisit them anytime.

The Silatha Meditation App

With each Silatha jewel comes an accompanying meditation series on the Silatha app. With this bracelet, you can choose either the Embracing Grief series or the Pregnancy series. These have been built to support you in growing your intention through a guided 15-minute meditation (with just a hint of supportive coaching). 

After purchasing your Silatha jewellery, you will have access to the connected 21-day series which you can download via your app store (iOS and Android) by using the same email address for your login that you used to purchase the jewellery with (for gifts, simply contact us and we will rearrange the access). To find more information about the meditation app, click here.

The Silatha Gem is a reminder of the growth that you’re capable of and becomes your companion along the Silatha mediation course.

Jewellery Specifications

The Embracing Grief bracelet is designed with love and carefully handcrafted using ethically sourced gemstones.

  • Silver
  • Adjustable Cord

As each gemstone is made from natural materials they are all unique in colour, shape and pattern. Please be aware of this when viewing the represented picture.

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