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Lapis Lazuli Gold Bracelet


Lapis Lazuli Gold Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli Gold Bracelet Silatha Lapis Lazuli Dorje bracelet to grow trust, relief, truthfulness and inner-power. Paired with a meditation course. The Silatha Lapis Lazuli bracelet to grow trust, relief, truthfulness and inner-power. Paired with a meditation course. Lapis Lazuli Gold Bracelet

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The Eternity of Wisdom Dorje is set with the striking Lapis Lazuli gemstone, a stone of royal blue beauty. It is the stone of truth. A representation of the wisdom, power and love that activates the higher mind, inspiring a desire for knowledge and understanding. Lapis Lazuli is also one of the oldest stones and has been sought after throughout history. It is the perfect companion for trust and inner power, encouraging communication from the heart.

Inner Qualities:

    • Trust
    • Relief
    • Truthfulness
    • Inner-Power

The Silatha Dorje is a reminder of the growth that you’re capable of and becomes your companion along the Silatha meditation course.

Jewellery Specifications

The Eternity of Wisdom Dorje is designed for you with love and is handcrafted with the greatest attention and care for details to preserve the sacred symbolism of the Dorje.

  • Made of 925 sterling silver and plated in 18 carat yellow gold
  • An 18.5 cm long chain, which is adjustable to 17.3 cm and 16 cm

As each gemstone is unique and made from natural materials, it may vary in colour and pattern from the represented picture.

About the Silatha Meditation App

With each Silatha Dorje comes an invitation and access code to the accompanying Meditation App. You can download the app in your app store. After you have purchased the Silatha Journey, you will receive your personal login details via email. With the Silatha Meditation App, you can practice whenever and wherever you are. No prior meditation experience is needed as it is very suitable for beginners, although it can also be used by more advanced meditators.

Content Silatha Meditation Course

The app includes a series of 21 daily audio-guided meditations to nurture your chosen inner quality and grow more inner peace in your life. There are also additional silent meditations to extend the journey. 

In week one you learn the basics of meditation and simple breathing techniques to focus the mind. In week two and three, you strengthen your meditation practice while being guided through different topics like: taking a distance from the ego-self, compassion and stress relief. You will also be introduced to the four pillars of the Silatha Meditation:

  • Non-Attachment, brings the power to let go
  • Self-Mastery, gives encouragement to write your own story
  • Firm-Kindness, supports being true to yourself and others
  • Lightheartedness, develops the strength to live with the flow

You start with 21 days to build a new ritual into your life. After the first 21 days, you can repeat the meditations as many times as you want to.