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Silatha Journey - for a balanced life

Silatha grew out of a desire to support busy mums to build a regular meditation routine that could easily fit into their busy schedules and that encourages to live a purposeful life, daring to be your beautiful self.
Science has proven that meditation has a vast array of benefits, such as improved mental clarity, higher performance, reduced anxiety, more balance and increased restful sleep.


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However, to create and benefit in the long term, it has to be practiced regularly. Though creating a new routine isn’t easy: 80 to 90% of all new habits fail. To overcome this hurdle, Silatha has conducted vast amounts of research and learned from world-leading experts in habit creation to develop a special toolkit. The Silatha toolkit helps you grow a meditation ritual that will allow that new habit to stick, so that you can benefit from all the positive impacts meditation can have on your life and create lasting results.

Silatha’s founder, Veroniek Vermeulen radically changed her life 8 years ago when she went on a quest to look for the true meaning of her life and found this in meditation. She attended meditation retreats and stayed at monasteries, and would return glowing. However, this glow would be short-lived; within 2 weeks she felt as empty as before. This, however, was no surprise as she had no meditation routine she could ground herself with and the desire for one is what breathed life into Silatha.

Silatha is a wellbeing brand designed to create a meditation routine that easily fits into today’s busy life helping you to live a more purposeful life, feeling worthy and balanced.

Following in-depth research, Silatha’s founder has come up with the winning combination of the elements needed to create a meditation routine: a clear motivation/intention for the practice, a tangible reminder and an app to guide you through your new routine.


How it works

  1. You set your intention of what you need more of in your life, such as Self-love, Inner-peace or Clarity (Silatha has designed a special quiz for this if you find it hard to choose).
  2. You choose the physical object that symbolises your new intention and that will act as your daily reminder. Silatha has created a beautiful jewellery collection with different gemstones that represent the intention that you want to gain.
  3. The short 1-5 min intention focussed guided meditations on the Silatha app will help you build your new daily routine and will support you in creating more self-worth.

As an additional tool, Silatha has designed a beautiful journal that can support you along your journey with guidance, exercises and inspiration.

Whilst Silatha’s toolkit is universal and can be used by anyone, it has been specifically designed with busy mums in mind. We understand there’s a lot to juggle on a daily basis with most playing the role of the mother, wife, cleaner, counsellor and often breadwinner, constantly putting themselves last and neglecting their own wellbeing and self-care practices. Silatha’s toolkit is the perfect solution for busy women who carry a lot of responsibility and need more balance in life.

Allow your meditation practice to fill your life with calm, strength, peace and balance. Begin your own Silatha Journey and discover your inner source of lasting fulfilment and peace of mind.

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