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Ready for a new you?  Jewellery to transform you from within. Ready for a new you?  Jewellery to transform you from within.

Ready for a new you?
Jewellery to transform
you from within.

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Silatha is a gift of balance in our busy world.

Delicate gemstone jewellery & meditation app, to guide you towards your transformation.
Silatha is a gift of balance in our busy world. Silatha is a gift of balance in our busy world.

How it works

1. Choose your intention

To grow during your meditation practice. From patience to inner peace, relaxation or clarity, courage to self-control. Each intention is aligned to a gemstone that radiates the energy of this strength, set within a Silatha Dorje jewellery.

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2. Learn how to meditate

In 15-minute guided meditations, over 21 days. The time it takes to establish a new ritual. Master techniques to nurture your chosen intention and enable a lasting transformation.

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2. Learn how to meditate
3. A daily reminder

3. A daily reminder

Wear your Silatha Dorje jewellery close to your heartbeat to radiate your chosen intention and grow your transformation each day.

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What our customers say

  • Caro, 45
    I wouldn’t have survived without the Silatha Journey! When I started the Silatha Journey, I was going through very rough business times. My only time during the day for me, was the Silatha Meditation, I believe I would have turned crazy without it.

    – Caro, 45

  • Helene, 37
    The Silatha Journey helps me to connect to my inner self. For me, it is not always easy to have the discipline to practice every day. The Silatha App makes it easier for me to meditate. And every time I do meditate, it is a treat, a gift to myself.

    – Helene, 37

  • Margreet, 35
    The Silatha Journey keeps me on the track I chose The Silatha Dorje is my tangible reminder to the intention I set for myself, and therefore it helps me to keep me on track. The Silatha meditation is a moment of rest in my day, that gives me inspiration and energy. It really is a moment for me, to empty my head.

    – Margreet, 35

  • Barbara, 42
    With the Silatha Journey, I feel happier and light-hearted! In my very busy life, I struggle to find the time really for me. The day is always too short. The Silatha Journey helps me to really take a step back and focus on a regular and short break every day. There is no excuse anymore! The meditation gives me the grounding I need to strengthen my mind and open my heart step by step.

    – Barbara, 42

  • Karin 31
    The Silatha Journey is the most beautiful reminder I gave to myself. I like wearing my Silatha Dorje. The Rose Quartz is the stone I chose, to remind me to love myself, others and life. And to love whatever comes to me.

    – Karin 31

  • Sahar, 38
    With the Silatha Journey I’m connecting to the beauty of the Dorje and embracing the journey The Dorje is one of the most beautiful symbols I know. When I carry my Silatha Dorje, I feel the dorjeenergy with me. With two small children, I am constantly solicited and the Silatha Journey is a simple way to stay grounded, connected to what truly matters to me and let go of the insignificant chatter of the mind.

    – Sahar, 38

  • Rhiannon, 18 and Steve, 57
    Jewellery is mere decoration unless it carries a message. Married with 2 teenage daughters, I have rarely bought jewellery for any of my 3 girls as I find it hard to compete with family heirlooms. The meaning in those is crystal-clear, but I was immediately drawn to The Silatha Journey as a gift with both meaning and purpose. As a gift for my eldest daughter, it will help her to relax and focus in her exciting new life at University.

    – Rhiannon, 18 and Steve, 57

Silatha Dorje Jewellery - Your beautiful reminder

Symbolic meaning

The Dorje is considered a sacred object in Tibetan Buddhism. It is an ancient symbol used in meditation, representing our true nature. Reimagined for Silatha as a necklace and bracelet.

Exquisitely Handcrafted

Designed in New York and handcrafted in Germany, in 925 sterling silver and plated in 18 carat yellow, white or rose gold. A dual finish creates a glow from within, to mirror the Silatha Journey.

Wear daily with love

Both necklace and bracelet sit close to your heartbeat, set with a gemstone that resonates your chosen intention. An ever-present reminder of your transformation.