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Our pioneering program is designed to help forward-thinking companies, who care about their women and are passionate about attracting and retaining talent. 

Transform your company culture with Silatha

1. Women add great value

Diverse teams make an organization more innovative, productive, collaborative, increasing profitability by 15%.

Unleashing each women‘s full potential requires a culture that embeds awareness, understanding and support of women's needs around her:
• Hormonal realities
• Multiple caregiving roles
• Managing biases

These contribute to the well-being of women in the workplace.

2. Create a thriving environment

To thrive, it's essential for women to:
• Feel mentally safe, understood and recognized
• Have their physical needs met
• Be part of a community to feel a sense of belonging
Develop professionally amplifying her inner strength

So that women can unleash their full potential at work.

2. Create a thriving environment
3. Awareness and transformation

3. Awareness and transformation

Silatha is the foundational platform supporting women to unleash their full potential within the company.

Our professional experts, peer-to-peer communities, dedicated workshops and meditations, and awareness training for leadership, provide the fundamentals for a thriving environment.

As your partner, together we bring this transformation to life.

Natalia - Women network lead at Nike

Natalia - Women network lead at Nike

I would describe the work Silatha does for Nike as: Empowering, Deep, Honest, And Emotional. Creating awareness and bringing women together is really important for the overall culture within Nike.
Barbara - Mondelez Community Champion

Barbara - Mondelez Community Champion

Silatha helps to smash the stigma around Menopause at the workplace and is on a great mission to break women’s mental health taboos. We got great feedback and one quote which really stuck with me was: “As a female leader having largely reached the half century, these type of initiatives make me feel welcome, understood and most of all relevant which is very energizing and motivates me to continue to give the best of myself”.   Silatha is definitely on the right mission to create a better environment for women but also taking the wider picture into consideration.
Participant Nike Workshop

Participant Nike Workshop

Thank you so much. A new door has opened for me and it feels so good to share this with others and to not feel lonely in it. Thanks again for welcoming me and let’s stay connected and support eachother in allowing ourselves to be who we are.

What our partners say

  • Lucy Edge, Founder YogaClicks
    I used the Silatha meditation for grief series to help me process long standing grief for my father. It helped me come to terms with my loss, giving me the ability to treat myself with kindness and compassion.

    – Lucy Edge, Founder YogaClicks

  • Tara Lee - Yoga and pregnancy yoga and meditation teacher
    It’s a great introduction to meditation and has such a variety of meditations and expert teachers.

    – Tara Lee - Yoga and pregnancy yoga and meditation teacher

  • Zephyr Wildman - Sr. yoga and meditation teacher
    Silatha is a useful companion for reconnection to what matters most.

    – Zephyr Wildman - Sr. yoga and meditation teacher

  • Clare Daniell - Yoga teacher
    In the past few weeks of late pregnancy, while we are in the midst of world stress and change, Silatha reminds me to take the time to sit, be and breathe.

    – Clare Daniell - Yoga teacher

  • Chantal DiDonato - Author, speaker and holistic health coach
    Silatha is created with people who are in the community. I think that makes the meditation and approach a lot more personal than other apps where you have meditations but are not seeing the engagement of the teachers.

    – Chantal DiDonato - Author, speaker and holistic health coach