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Transform your company culture with Silatha

Increase profitability

Diverse teams make an organization more innovative, productive, collaborative, increasing profitability by 15%.

Unleashing women‘s full potential requires a culture that embeds awareness, understanding and support of women's needs around her:
• Hormonal realities
• Multiple caregiving roles
• Managing biases

We work on topics like: PMS, Menopause, combining motherhood and career, and leading in a diverse environment.

Support on taboo topics

Our proven approach drives a psychologically safe, engaged and thriving environment.

It includes:
• Peer-to-peer communities
• Professional experts
• Dedicated workshops
• Topic specific meditations

As your partner, together we bring this transformation to life.

Support on taboo topics
Systemic change through greater awareness

Systemic change through greater awareness

Awareness is fundamental to create systemic change. Therefore we help you build awareness and acknowledgement to the full company. Through our awareness training and focused mentoring skills, we touch on topics like:

• Creating awareness
• Learning to notice signals
• Supporting her in difficult periods
• Creating the best structure for her to grow
• Helping everyone manage the diversity challenges

Natalia - Women network lead at Nike

Natalia - Women network lead at Nike

Creating awareness and bringing women together is really important for the overall culture within Nike.
I would describe the work Silatha does for Nike as: Empowering, Deep, Honest, and Emotional.
Barbara - Mondelez Community Champion

Barbara - Mondelez Community Champion

Silatha helps to break through the taboo of Menopause in the workplace. We got great feedback from the participants.
Silatha is definitely on the right mission to create a better environment for women but also taking the wider picture into consideration.
Michiel - CEO DSTRCT

Michiel - CEO DSTRCT

The Silatha program supported creating a sense of community among the women in the office. With more understanding for each other and building new bonds. Also they are more committed and engaged with the company.
I believe the Silatha program can support any company to strengthen a thriving team.

Our pioneering program is designed to help forward-thinking companies, who care about their women and are passionate about attracting and retaining talent. 

Feedback participants Silatha program

  • “As a female leader having largely reached the half century, the menopause initiative makes me feel welcome, understood and most of all relevant which is very energizing and motivates me to continue to give the best of myself”.
  • “I love the personal approach. The very clear explanations and breaking through taboos. Never before have I felt part of something where I was together with women going through ‘the same thing’.”
  • “I have an appointment today at women's health clinic… I wouldn’t have known what to ask for had it not been for these sessions. I am learning as I go. I am not happy to let this impact life/ work and put up with it.”
  • “Thank you so much. A new door has opened for me and it feels so good to share this with others and to not feel lonely in it. Thanks again for welcoming me and let’s stay connected and support eachother in allowing ourselves to be who we are.”