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Meditation app for beginners and
experienced alike

The Silatha meditation app enables you to grow yourself by setting an intention and be guided on a 21-day journey to transform yourself.
The app includes thirteen different series of 21-day meditations created to inspire calm and a lasting balance, each tailored to the intention you wish to encourage.
In just 15 minutes a day, watch yourself transform and your inner world blossom.
Are you feeling called to transform your life and create a meditation practice in alignment with your personal path? Your inner self knows the direction your soul needs to continue your inner growth and transformation. We invite you to take a 21-day guided meditation journey with us along your chosen path of growth and transformation.

At Silatha, we understand the power and purpose of intention. You yourself know deep within you which qualities, attributes you desire to shift to continue to evolve. Knowing the power a dedicated practice with the right intention can have, we've created hundreds of new guided meditation series to help you really cultivate the essence of your intention within you.

The Silatha meditation app includes thirteen series of 21-day meditations. Each of these series are dedicated to your chosen intention. In this way, you will witness how these qualities grow within you, staying present through the ebb and flow of the journey. Each series can be repeated or a new series on a different topic, can be started. 

This is a transformative process in the area which you feel most called to at this point in your life. The intentions include:
Letting Go and Emotional Stability
Inner Peace and Balance
Flow and Relief
Clarity and Realisation
Positivity and Courage
Trust and Inner Power
Energy and Intuition
Reflection and Protection
Willpower and Self Esteem
Compassion and Unconditional Love
Embracing Grief
Self-mastery and Light-heartedness
Breathing as a basis
    Perhaps one of these intentions jumped out at you, and you felt a big 'yes' inside, knowing this is the area you need to grow at this time. Or maybe you need some time to sit quietly and reflect, 'what is it I really need to keep evolving?' Often, the areas we need to cultivate are the ones where we feel stuck, or face the difficulty in our daily lives. Taking 21 days to create a calm space to sit with yourself and feel into that energy, allowing these positive intentions to root into your consciousness, could be the transformative journey you are waiting for.
    Intention Quiz
    If you want to know which intention suits you best at this point in your life, we can also recommend you our test. The find your gem quiz can support you to answer this question. 

    Creating a new habit or practice is not an easy thing, so we're here to do all we can to support you on your way. We've added a tangible cue, your gem aligned with your intention, which can either be your Silatha jewellery or a crystal you like. You're also able to set reminders at the time you like to meditate, and you can also download the meditations, so you can practice them wherever and whenever you feel inspired.

    The Silatha meditation app allows you to personalise the experience for you - this is your journey after all! Your profile shows your progress, and you can save your favourite meditations so you can go back and practice them again whenever you like. You'll also be invited to join a private community to keep you inspired, motivated and accountable. You'll be able to share your journey with not only the Silatha team, but also like-minded individuals from around the world.
    Meditation App Content
    These eleven series of guided meditations are designed for people at any point of their meditation journey. We encourage everyone to start this journey with a 'beginners mind', so you can fully experience and embody the lessons within the meditations, whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner.

    Your daily meditations will inspire balance, minimise anxiety, increase mindfulness as well as enhance your general wellbeing. Some of the other scientifically known ways meditation can positively affect your life include greater emotional intelligence, deeper sleep, improve concentration and reduce blood pressure. Though you will feel the calming benefits straight away, the real power is in continuing the practice for 21 consecutive days, so you will start to slowly feel the lasting changes in your daily life. 
    With the Silatha App we want you to set aside time for yourself, your own inner transformation, by practicing a meditation for just 15 minutes a day. After you’ve finished the first 21 days, you can repeat them, or continue with the next series of silent meditations to continue practicing your concentration. 
    Try a Silatha Meditation 
    Interested in trying it for yourself? Our new app is almost live. In the next weeks we will launch the new app. You can try the app for free, to make sure you are the first one to try this amazing new app, sign up here and we'll keep you posted and offer you the best discount to becoming a member.
    Meditation apps have proven to be a very effective way to support you to learn how to meditate, and helping you in creating more balance and inner peace. Want to already get a taste of what our 21-day meditation course is like. Click on the link to listen to this trial meditation, it’s perfect for all levels.
    Meditation style
    Our meditation course touches on different styles of mediation and is rooted in Tibetan Buddhism which is its traditional foundation. It encourages you to use your Silatha jewellery, as a symbol, an ancient tradition that goes back thousands of years.
    We incorporate mindfulness mediation, the most popular style practised today. Mindfulness encourages us to be in the moment, without recalling the past or worrying about the future. Mediations enable us to be aware of our body sensations, acknowledging thoughts, and learning to be present and still.
    Breathing meditation is a form of concentration meditation where the object is to focus on your breath. We start with a few deep breaths to center ourselves and then we use different techniques which count the breaths. This helps us our body relax while our mind gets peaceful. During the breathing meditation we can achieve a deep relaxation state and the results will come quickly in just a few minutes of practice.
    Loving kindness is another style of meditation we incorporate, that has a direct effect on our happiness. If other types of meditation aim to induce relaxation and train the mind to stay focused and still, cultivating loving-kindness will grow our ‘feel-good’ sensation by tuning into our heart, learning to love ourselves first and spread the love to the people around us.
    Silatha is the first and only meditation app that is linked to a physical item that functions as a daily reminder. This helps you turn your meditation into a habit, which it’s been proven is pivotal for it to become a lasting practise.
    The new Silatha App can be downloaded from your app store very soon. Sign up now, to be the very first to enjoy this new life-changing app. We have different subscription models you can choose from. When you purchase our Silatha gemstone jewellery, you receive a 21-series meditation that connects to your gemstone included.