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Do you want to try something new or strengthen your existing wellness habits?
Dive into a self-care practice during your pregnancy with Silatha’s new meditation series by Tara Lee and Claire Daniell.
One great tool for overall wellbeing during pregnancy is meditation: it helps you as a mum-to-be to feel more connected to your baby, revitalised, calm and more confident. 
Whilst meditation is a hugely beneficial practice for everyone, sometimes it can seem daunting. To support you throughout pregnancy and empower you with the simple yet effective meditation practice, we have developed a dedicated Pregnancy Meditation Series coupled with the special jewellery edition. Your Silatha Rough Stone necklace acts as a reminder and amplifier of your meditation practice: every time you mediate you’ll be guided to connect to the gem, infusing it with the positive qualities generated during the practice.
Anytime you hold or touch your tangible jewellery throughout your day, you’ll be reminded of your meditation. The science behind embodied cognition substantiates this notion. 


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Silatha’s toolkit offers a progressive development whereby each practice has simple elements, and is guided so that even beginners can easily find a state of relaxation.
The series features a range of meditations to help women relax, connect with their baby and prepare for birth.
Crucially in pregnancy, a gem can act for the mother as a talisman, reminding her of the qualities that she is bringing to her pregnancy. All of us experience times of stress and challenge, and the great changes of pregnancy can heighten those emotions. A gem around your neck will remind you of the positive qualities that you feel more aligned with, relax by and help to bring you back to the positive range of emotions. The necklace is long enough to sit close to your baby radiating positive vibrations for both you and your baby. 

This meditation series is designed to practice throughout the entire pregnancy. It was written by Tara Lee and Clare Daniell based on their experience as mothers and their yoga and meditation teachings with thousands of pregnant women over the past decade. The meditations have been designed to be accessible to all and to support women on the various stages of their pregnancy journey. It features meditations for deep relaxation, releasing any fear surrounding birth preparation, learning breathing techniques for birth and many more. 


Silatha Rough Gemstone Necklaces can be purchased here.
You can choose between four intentions and four beautiful necklaces: Inner Peace & Balance, Self Love, Flow & Relief and Energy & Intuition. Automatically, access will be granted to you to the pregnancy meditation series.
“A woman in pregnancy is experiencing so much change, both in her body and life. Meditation can help women feel more connected to their baby and be more in tune with themselves, helping them make good choices in the food they eat, rest they take and movement that supports their body as it grows. It can help prepare women for birth, teaching them the skills they need to stay calm and present through the experience of birth”. 
~ Tara Lee
Silatha Pregnancy Series
Meditations with paring necklace specially designed to support you during your pregnancy 
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