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5 Simple tips to live mindfully, that take no extra time

5 Simple tips to live mindfully, that take no extra time

We all live busy lives in which time for ourselves is often hard to find, though this is fundamental for living healthily and taking care of ourselves and others in the long run.

The most heard excuse is “I really don’t have the time right now”. If this sounds like a familiar excuse to you here’s some good news; we’re sharing a few simple ways to bring more mindfulness into your life without giving up any more of your time. Sounds too good to be true? Read on…

  1. How many times a day are you waiting? In line at the supermarket, at a traffic light, or maybe waiting for the lift to arrive. Start using this time to simply follow your breath. Do not get into thoughts, your phone or allow yourself to feel agitated or impatient, just embrace the moment to focus for a moment on your breath. Follow it going in-and out of your body slowly.
  1. When living ‘in the now’ is essential to live not worried, angry or in an afraid state, though we often forget to do this. Put a daily reminder in your calendar, to remind you at least once a day, just to be in the present moment. And then be present!
  1. When walking, slow down a bit and focus on every step you make. Meditation is sharpening the ability to concentrate the mind on an intended focus, and nothing else. Think of the kind of focus you have when you search for someone in a crowd. Observe every detail of your legs and feet when you are walking. Or observe yourself, whilst you’re preparing the food for dinner, or cleaning the house. When these tasks are done mindfully, and you do only one at a time, these activities can become a form of meditation and you will feel calmer.
  1. While eating our meals we often only really taste the first two bites. For your next meal, take a moment to be quiet (no TV, no magazines, not talking) and to really concentrate on enjoying the food. Challenge yourself to fully experience all the flavours. Eat slowly and savour every bite. You’ll be surprised how your taste-buds respond and how much more nourished you feel.
  1. Keep a little notebook next to your bed. Before going to sleep, write down three things you were grateful for during the day. This can be as simple as someone’s smile or it could be something big. When you wake up read the three positive moments of the previous day first before stepping out of bed to frame your mind in a positive way for the day.

If these little practices help you to feel more mindful and you’re intrigued to achieve more inner peace in your life through little steps like these then join the Silatha Journey. If you are willing to free up 15 to 20 minutes a day and further nurture your inner growth then come and explore how it will work for you: