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A message from our founder, Veroniek

A message from our founder, Veroniek

Mental Health Awareness Week is a fantastic opportunity to take a moment to reflect on our mental wellbeing. To check-in with ourselves and gauge how much stress/burden we carry around with us. This unusual situation we find ourselves in (Covid-19) has only made our lives more stressful and added new levels of anxiety within our communities.

I do however believe that this presents an opportunity to bring people together. Let us step back and reflect on our lives - is this the way we want to be living it? What is really important?

Perhaps it’s a time to rethink your goals, do they still excite you? Do they lead you to feel more fulfilled? Let’s take this time to reset. 

“In England, women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders as men” 

This is not hard to believe with the weight that most women carry in being the mother, wife, chef, housekeeper, peacemaker and often the breadwinner too. So to all working women & working mums out there, please use this week, to reflect on your life and your mental wellbeing. Ask… Do you take enough time for yourself? Likely not, 40% of you are close to burnout and 80% feel that you are not good enough. These are feelings I see regularly amongst women and have experienced for myself. This is one of the reasons I started Silatha. To change this for myself and all other working women out there. It’s this simple toolkit that will support you during the day to grow your personal intention and create a meditation ritual. 

You are strong and beautiful, you are good enough, you are more than good enough, you are utterly brilliant and I believe in you! 

Love and peace,