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A year wiser yet still young at heart

A year wiser yet still young at heart

It can be hard to slow down the ageing process as life catches up with you. However attempting to stay young isn't all in vain. Here’s a few ways to elevate that inner youth.

Let go of bitterness

Holding onto negative energies like that ages us hugely, as well as emphasises frown lines. Be someone who ages graciously and with contentment. No surprise, smile lines have positive connotations. Turn that frown upside down, you’ll radiate the innocence of youth. 

Keep young company

They say we emulate those we spend most of our time with. Nothing will make you look and feel younger than hanging out with young-ins. Be it your grandkids, neighbours or friends ten years your junior, find those that will keep you young. Laugh often, keep the good times rolling and you’ll find your inner Peter Pan in no time.

Embrace hobbies you enjoy

Nothing makes someone more attractive than when their face lights up talking about something they love. There’s weird and wonderful hobbies for everyone. Knitting and crochet isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Find out what really makes you tick and embrace it. Bird watching hikes, puzzle nights, foosball tournaments… Let your imagination go wild.

Keep fit

Being active has been scientifically proven to make us look and feel younger. We’re not talking about anything fancy and drastic. Even a 30 minute walk counts as exercise. Ideally briskly. Pool walking has always been a real hit, maybe see what all the fuss is about? Or you’re never too old to start a team sport - football, netball anyone? 

Eat well

Nothing probably has a larger impact on us than what we put in our bodies. It’s literally our fuel for life. Eating a balanced diet with ample fruit and vegetables is one of those secrets we all learn. Hopefully sooner rather than later.  Eating foods with high levels of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants will help keep skin supple. Get a natural glow no blush or bronzer can emulate. 


Researchers have shown stress causes 95% of diseases and accelerates the ageing process. Mediation releases neutralising chemicals which minimise stress. Meditation also helps you fall asleep easier and into a more regenerative sleep. It also keeps the mind nimble and the heart healthy. 

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