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Affirmations to evoke your inner strength with Red Tiger's eye

Affirmations to evoke your inner strength with Red Tiger's eye

Our everyday lives can blow us this way and that, to the extremes of our energetic capacity and into the winds of chaos. But there are some tools and practices which help draw us down into the depths of our inner strength and move with willpower and grace. Tiger's Eye is the stone of inner strength, power and knowing. It can be your trusted ally on your spiritual path, guiding you towards a life lived from your inner power centre. Here are 6 affirmation to use with Red Tiger's Eye, to drop into your strength, no matter the situation.

"May my actions today nourish my spirit"
Our daily activities are either nourishing our spirit, or depleting it. And it is not a direct reflection of how we spend our time. One person may have a full busy schedule, yet feel intrinsically nourished by their daily activities. Another may have plenty of time for leisure, yet the way they are spending their time leaves them feeling depleted.

"I trust my inner knowing"
Within the depths of our being, we have an inner knowing. Our own guru. In the silence, deep in meditation or moments of clarity, we know what we need to do, where we need to go. We know the answers to our prayers. In this pool of silence we feel our immense power, its infinite, limitless creative potential. We meditate not just to access this place during our practice, but to try and move from this centre in our everyday lives. To not be pulled so far out of our centre by our circumstances, that we're reacting mindlessly from our habitual defences to old wounds.

"I move from the infinite source of power within"
Journaling is a great way to become aware of how you are spending your energy, and where you are residing. Think of your energy as beginning in a deep pool within you, and spreading thinner as it moves towards and beyond your extremities. Ask yourself, "am I moving from the depths, the source of my energy, or am I running on empty somewhere on its extremities?" Perhaps in some areas of your life your moving from your centre and others on the extreme. Notice where you are moving from, and the practices that bring you back to your centre.

"I am not alone, I walk/ stand with my ancestors"
The fact that you, YOU, are alive is a miracle. The miraculous event of you, is it. So often we run around trying to prove our worth to the world. Yet, as Maya Angelou said "your crown has been bought and paid for, all you have to do is wear it". Our ancestors have paved the way for us to be here, now. And we can draw on the power, strength and knowledge of our ancestors before us and within us. Before walking in to a meeting, or standing on stage, imagine 10,000 ancestors standing with you. The collective power of your ancestral lineage, all those who came before you, and are inherently part of you. Call on them, their strength, wisdom and guidance.

"I am at peace with my decisions"
Remaining within our power sometimes means making big (or small) decisions, and making peace with them within ourselves. This doesn't mean not seeking any help or advice when you need it. But being inherently at peace with whatever it is you decide to do, before seeking the approval of others. Second opinions are great, but it is only you who can be at peace with your decisions.

"My breath tends my fire"
The breath is the boss. Being aware of your breath can give you clues to your emotional and physical wellbeing, before your mind understands there is anything going on (often because the problem resides in the mind). A shortness in breath might indicate the onset of anxiety, worry, stress or dehydration. Pay attention to your breathing, and without trying to change it, see what the affect of your awareness on your breath brings. Naturally it will change, it will slow. This awareness of your breath will automatically bring you into your centre. It has also been proven that slow, rhythmic breathing (try counting your inhales and exhales, let the exhale be a little longer) can reduce your heart rate in times of stress, nervousness and panic.