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All about our founder Veroniek

All about our founder Veroniek

What inspired you to start Silatha?

It all started back in 2011, when I took time out from my career in senior corporate management to go to a meditation retreat in Nepal. I thought I had everything in life, and yet I struggled to feel fulfilled. I always desired more. I loved my job and enjoyed success, but I felt life was leading me. I wanted to regain control and consciously lead my life.

In the Himalayas, I had a life-changing realisation. I finally felt what it meant to be in the present moment. Our modern lifestyle is busy and preoccupied, we spend half of our time thinking about the past or future, rather than being in the moment.

I learnt how meditation enables consciousness and peace, and this motivated me to transform the way I live my life.

In our Western lives, there is always more to desire and this is, by nature, deeply unfulfilling. Meditation offers an alternative, to connect inwards. It allows us to nurture our own inner qualities and strengths which leads to long-term pleasure and true fulfillment.

I continued my learning at retreats in monasteries in Vietnam and Myanmar, although I found that the ‘glow’ was difficult to hold onto once back in everyday life. This is what sparked the idea to transform the ancient wisdom of meditation for modern lifestyles. This breathed life into the Silatha Journey.

That was the end of my corporate career. I left it behind to self-fund Silatha.


What's the concept of Silatha journey?

The jewellery is designed to be beautiful and something you love to keep close. Also, the symbol has a deeper meaning - the Dorje is one of the most sacred objects in Tibetan Buddhism. It represents our true nature.

We chose ten different gemstones, all unique in look but more importantly in what they represent. Each carries the energy of a different inner quality you can desire to cultivate such as inner peace, self-control, clarity, contentment. Whatever your life stage, your temperament, your needs and desires, there's something that will support everyone.

The jewellery comes with a free meditation app. It's a 21-day journey, that starts out with simple breathing exercises, and progresses to teach you the fundamentals of mediation along the way. The idea is it helps create a new habit, and you wear your Silatha Dorje as a daily reminder of the commitment you made to yourself to grow.


What's the biggest challenge you've had to face?

I come from a FMCG corporate background, used to work with the best people in the industry, working closely together with a large team. Then you start on your own, working from home, and being all alone, making every single decision yourself... This felt quite lonely. I'm a person that likes to interact with people and believe in the power of a team to get to excellence.

When I found a great co-working place to work from, this brought a lot of joy to be around other creative entrepreneurs all day. Then, finding great people, who create the right team with a minimal budget was a challenge. Though it is amazing to find people who believe in the project. Who want to support Silatha and be a part of it and therefore making time, giving different rates, sharing the joy in creating a dream together. That alone is so much more heartening and fulfilling then anything I ever achieved in my successful career.


How do you balance being an entrepreneur and your personal life?

I try to always start my day well. My morning routine keeps me focused and fresh: when I get up, I meditate, go for a run, and have breakfast. Then I make my list of my 'to do's' for the day, also I note down what I'm grateful for. This routine empties my mind and I start the day fresh. 

Meditating every morning, keeps you focused. Focusing not only on the things you desire to accomplish, but also everything in life that is important to you.

For me, it’s very important that my life does not only consist of working. Work life balance can be hard to create. Taking time off is essential, to look at things with a fresh and open perspective. It’s important to have time for the people I love, travel, my sports, my meditation and time for me. It creates space.


What is the best piece of advice you'd give?

I've always been an inpatient person. I had to learn that things come when it’s time and I can’t force it. Patience and trust go hand in hand. I've seen that every time when I let go, and trust the universe to take care, thing do happen. And I realised it counts for everything in life, the moment you let go, it will come to you. So trust, and know the universe has your back! 


Tell us about the new Silatha bracelets...

We received many requests for a bracelet, so we decided to have one designed. Again, we wanted it to be a high-end design. Something that catches the eye, and at the same time is still very modest. It was important to have the Dorje and the gemstone integrated. We believe the result is very successful: a beautiful, elegant piece, to keep close, daily. And of course, the Silatha Meditation App comes for free with the bracelet. Check it out at