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All you need to know about Gemstones

All you need to know about Gemstones

If you've been following the Silatha journey, you'll know that we love gemstones and their ability to facilitate our everyday lives and healing transformations. Have you ever wondered why they are so powerful? How they can support your daily life? And which stone is the right one for you? Together we'll dive into the symbology and energetic resonance of humans beings and gemstones.

An ancient obsession
Humans have had an obsession with crystals and gemstones for thousands of years. The word “crystal” comes from the Greek krystallos literally meaning “coldness drawn together”. Revered for centuries for their spiritual and material properties, crystals were even used to describe the Virgin Mary's purity in early Christian writings. This quality of spiritual purity, combined with the earthen rawness of crystals and gemstones' physical forms, has seen them revered as a bridge between the material and spiritual realms. They hold an alchemical power of transformation within their dense, material forms, having been birthed from the Earth herself, pressurised into gifts beauty and transformation.

As humans have been working with crystals and gemstones through many civilisations and across thousands of years, we've shared this information, and cultural and energetic understanding of the stones. Our sensitivity to their properties has been developed over thousands of years. And this knowledge has been passed down through many cultures and many hands. Over time, humans have carried stories, legends and mythology around stones and have understood the feeling we have when using different ones - the energy they carry and the way they can effect us energetically.

All things of the natural world carry an energetic imprint. Our ability to engage with and understand the resonance of non-human things takes great sensitivity. However, though we might not logically understand how, and what, we are communicating with the natural world, we do feel it. For example, you may not consciously understand the communication that happens energetically between you and the ocean logically. But we cannot deny the feeling one has after a swim in the ocean, beyond that of simply "cooled down". And the way that feeling changes depending on the temperament of the ocean that day. How a wild and wavy sea leaves us feeling different to the waters of a calm bay. Crystals and gemstones also carry within them an energetic field which resonates with us on a certain level.

A gemstone which symbolises a certain type of energy or transformation, works on your subconscious level. Gemstones are physical pieces of Earth symbolising a certain energy. We are often intuitively drawn to the ones which carry the type of energy which can support us, or that which we want to grow or attract in our lives. Just by the simple act of meditating on your gemstone or crystal, with the intention or energy of that stone, harnesses your awareness and helps you to concentrate on this element of your life through a positive and trusting outlook. Take tiger's eye for example. Meditating on Tiger's Eye because you want to attract more personal power and money into your life, and believing it carries a resonance with that energy, means you will be positively focusing on that energy from a place of trust. It's a positive way to work with your subconscious, bridging the physical world with the energetics and qualities we want to manifest.

What can gemstones help me with?
At Silatha we carry stones which we believe align strongly to the common energies which can help transform and support us on our journeys. Each stone is accompanied with a specific 21 day guided meditation practice, to facilitate your transformation. Meditating with a stone, and the quality which you would like to bring out from within you, helps you bridge the spiritual and material world. It brings the unseen (like emotions, intentions and qualities) into the physical through a focused concentration and ritualised action. You can read more on the power of ritual, and why your brain benefits from making your meditation practice a consistent one, here. The Silatha gemstones and their corresponding energetic qualities are:

Black Onyx -  letting go, emotional stability

Amethyst - peace, balance

Aquamarine - flow, relief

Labradorite - clarity, realisation 

Carnelian -  positivity and courage

Lapis Lazuli - trust,  inner power

Moonstone -  energy, intuition 

Malachite - reflection, protection 

Red Tiger Eye - willpower, self esteem

Rose Quartz -  compassion, unconditional love

Which stone is right for me?
You have the intuition and deep inner knowing within, for what you need at the moment. Whether that be more clarity, confidence, sensitivity to really feel your emotions, a boost in personal power or greater calm in your life. If you aren't intuitively feeling drawn to one stone, or aren't sure which to prioritize, we've created an easy quiz to help you gain clarity. Find out which gemstones can work with you in this phase of your journey here.