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Amethyst to support you in creating Peace and Balance

Amethyst to support you in creating Peace and Balance

Amethyst is a mystical purple variety of the Quartz family of crystals. It is a semiprecious stone and one of great popularity. As it is Maude’s birthstone, we have created an empowering collection with the beautiful purple stone. Read more about what this gem has to offer.


Amethyst, with its vibrant purple, is a beautiful stone that carries the joy of life. It is a stone of spirituality and contentment. Amethyst soothes the mind and emotions and enhances your meditative state. Amethyst is known as a stone that alleviates anxiety, enhancing your inner calm. Extremely powerful in purifying negative energies, it is very beneficial for people who feel stressed or overwhelmed. Amethyst balances the energy of fire, passion, creativity and spirituality with the logic of temperance and sobriety.


Amethyst is known to have been revered as far back as 25,000 BC in the Neolithic era The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans also believed in its magical powers. Later it was considered a stone reserved for royalty and was used in crowns, sceptres and fine jewellery. The Amethyst crystal was known as a ‘Gem of Fire’, a precious stone that was worth as much as a Diamond. Amethyst was a stone commonly used in protection amulets, especially for travellers, and as a talisman. It was used in rosaries and prayer beads for inner calm, peace and spiritual protection. Today it is known as a semi-precious stone. The name Amethyst is derived from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning ‘not intoxicated’.


Amethyst is a crystal that provides transformation and spiritual growth. It helps people to use their natural inner light in creating the future they deserve. Extremely powerful for new beginnings and new projects, it is perfect for scientists, adventurers, explorers, researchers and students. Amethyst is also known as a stone that assists with overcoming addictions and balancing the mind. It is calming, yet stimulating. Amethyst facilitates decision-making, calms an overactive mind, improves memory and cognitive functions, and improves motivation. It dissipates fear, anxiety and anger, and provides emotional centring, balancing highs and lows.


On the physical plane, Amethyst has many healing properties. It is believed to stimulate the endocrine system and metabolism. It strengthens the immune system, cleanses the blood, and eases headaches and respiratory problems. Amethyst also promotes good sleep and treats insomnia.


  • Day of the week Thursday
  • Birthstone February
  • Zodiac Pisces


Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals that enhances the meditative state. It is perfect in enabling you to be more decisive, being connected with universal wisdom and learning life’s lessons. 1 Zodiac stones are strictly related to astrology and planets and work for specific zodiac signs. Birthstones are associated with the months of the year and not with planets. They work as a stone of luck for the person born in that month and can be used by anyone during that specific month for a maximum benefit. Exercise Sit comfortably in your meditation posture in a calm place. Hold your amethyst crystal or Silatha jewellery in the left hand to facilitate drawing the energy into your body. Bring it to your heart or your throat. Listen to your intuition in finding the right place. Try to feel where do you need to release tension.

Close your eyes and take a deep long breath through the nose and exhale long through the mouth. Feel the amethyst’s energy on the place where the crystal touches your body. Think about what guidance you need today. Take a few more breaths and imagine a warm purple light entering through the top of your head, through your brows, through your throat, and dropping slowly into your heart. Take a few more breaths and listen. Feel the amethyst’s energy in your body, how it soothes your mind, brings calm, balance and clarity.

Sit still and listen until you find the answer to your question. Sometimes the answer could be a clear sentence, a feeling, an image or a light. Once you have found your answer, say thank you, take a few more breaths and slowly open your eyes. You have now found your balance and your clarity. If you think you haven’t received any message yet, keep trying in the next following days. It will come at the right time.


I am balanced and at peace.

I am connected to my higher self and to the world around me.

I am whole in mind, body and soul, safe and secure.

All that needs to come, will come, I let the universe take care.

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