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Q&A with natural skincare founders of Balance Me

Q&A with natural skincare founders of Balance Me

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We talked to its co-founders and sisters Rebecca and Clare about life, balance and good skin.

What inspired you to start Balance Me?

We wanted to create a natural brand with solutions-driven skincare that worked for ourselves and our families and to share this with everyone else. We both had worked in high-powered corporate jobs, then retrained in yoga and reflexology respectively. Balance Me allowed us to use our knowledge and experience of the skincare and wellness industry as well as fill a gap in the market at the time for credible natural skincare that delivered real results.

What is most special about Balance Me vs other skin brands?
First of all we explore what our customers really need and want, we don’t believe in fads or making unnecessary products to over-complicate things. Thanks to the advances in natural skincare science we can harness the power of cutting-edge and powerful natural ingredients. In our newest product, our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist we use a natural form of Hyaluronic Acid, which has a much lower molecular weight than most HA’s, and so can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver hydration to all layers. Our brand is aromatherapy-inspired and each fragrance is blended for its aroma, skin benefits and mood-boosting properties. Clare studied aromatherapy and blended our very first product, our Super Toning Body Oil at the kitchen table in 2005. Today we work with an extremely talented natural ‘nose’ (perfumer) who has captured the very essence of Balance Me in each and every one of our blends.

Why is using natural products so important?

For us we believe that if you can find the very best natural beauty product that offers the same results as a synthetic ingredient, and is a pleasure to use why not choose natural? As a society we are very conscious about what we eat, how we spend our leisure time, and that we sleep properly etc., so why not also adopt a natural skincare regime to compliment this holistic approach to our wellbeing?

Do you think natural products are as effective as chemical ones?

Yes. There has been a monumental advance in natural skincare in the last 15 years due to demand for natural skincare. The sheer influx of high performance natural products on the market today is testament in itself to their efficacy.

Do natural products have a shorter shelf life?

Not necessarily. For example our products have between 24 and 36 month shelf life and a six month life once opened.

What does balance mean to you?

Enough time to enjoy our brand work and ‘me’ time and time with our family and friends. We called the brand ‘Balance Me’ for a reason.

What's your one best tip for balanced glowing skin?

Cleanse at least once a day! We have four different cleansers in our range as we believe in personalisation in this department. Personally I love a natural balm cleanser like our Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, but my teenage daughter prefers a wash off gel, my mother a cream cleanser she can use without water and my niece will only use a micellar water as her skin is extremely sensitive.

How do you think stress effects your skin?

When we are stressed or anxious our skin can present a number of visible conditions such as acne, redness, dehydration and over a longer time frame, fine lines and wrinkles. The majority of these factors are as a result of the body’s response to stress which is to over-produce the hormone, cortisol.

Do you practice meditation yourself? If yes, what does it mean to you?

Yes I do, but not each day. Mediation really helps me focus on the present.

How do you connect within and find inner peace?

By taking myself into my ‘happy’ place where I always find peace.

How does diet effect skin? What food products are essential for good skin?

We are what we eat! I am a firm believer in drinking at least 1.5 litres of water per day to keep my skin hydrated, which is why we created the Hyaluronic Plumping Mist for people to keep their skin hydrated on the go.

What are your top tips to stay fit and healthy?

Keep active!

What is your number one favourite Balance Me product?

It’s so hard to choose but probably our Radiance Face Oil. It is quite literally dewy skin in a bottle!

Describe your daily skin ritual.


Cleanse – with our gently polishing Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm. I spend several minutes massaging my face with this, working from my chest to my forehead, before I remove with a warm muslin cloth.

A spritz of our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist

A layer of our Radiance Face Oil

While my face oil is drying I massage my entire body with either our Super Toning or Super Moisturising Body Oil (depending on my mood or skin’s need that day)

Then I use our Restore and Replenish Face Cream and finish with our Instant Lift Primer on my fine lines before applying our Natural Perfection BB Cream which has an SPF25


Cleanse first with our Flash Cleanse Micellar Water to remove all my make-up, followed by our Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm then lavishly apply our Anti-ageing Face Serum to my face and our Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream to my chest. Plus I cover my entire body in oil again.

If you could teach people one thing about skin what would you like everyone to know?

Be happy in the skin you’re in and be kind to it!

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