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Becoming intimate with your intuition

Becoming intimate with your intuition

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

Intuition may be a little nudge in the quiet dark, or a great thud in our stomach. You might know it as the whispering that a slow change is needed, or an unspeakable force initiating an instantaneous response. Intuition plays a role in our daily lives, and yet our modern society is designed in such a way that we're disconnected from it. A lot of us just don't know how we feel, where to go next or what to do. So, how can we heighten our sensitivity and strengthen our faith in our intuitive self?

The house of intuition
Intuition is kin to our creativity, imagination, dreaming, emotions and the elements of water and ether. If you look at these aspects of our lives, they are all intangible; things we are able to feel yet not grasp on to. Not easily defined, but definitely experienced. Subtle yet incredibly influential. Engaging more intentionally and deeply with these aspects of our being can help sensitize ourselves to our intuition and inner wisdom. Our intuition works like an ephemeral muscle. The more we listen to it, accept it's persuasions and act upon them, the stronger our intuition becomes as we integrate its presence into our lives.

Explore your creativity
The creative life force that brought you into being, continues to pulse through you, persuading you to grow, expand and flourish. Allowing ourselves creative freedom connects us to this ultimate source of creative energy. For some it is a direct conversation with God, or that unfathomable force of creation. One of the great injustices to our creative lives, is being told when we're young (and continuing to repeat the imprisoning mantra to ourselves now) that we are not creative. Not good at drawing, writing, acting, singing - whatever medium it is. We need to give ourselves permission to try, play and create whatever we intuitively feel. Think of it as a practice in communicating with your intuition without holding onto the result or outcome. Allow it to flow through you. Start a painting, poem, or dance and allow the piece to take a life of its own, with you as the channel.

Connecting to the dreamscape
If you are sleeping eight hours a night, you'll be spending one third of your day asleep and in the dream land. Yet many of us feel we don't dream, or can't recall them in the morning. Keeping a dream journal is one very practical and effective way to strengthen the relationship you have with your dreamscape. Before falling asleep, try setting an intention, asking for clarity or simply welcoming in your dreams. Keep a journal and pen by your bed, so that upon waking you can immediately - before getting out of bed at all -  write down anything you remember from your dream. The act of writing or even drawing whatever you can recall, creates a connective thread between your dream world and waking reality. It doesn't matter whether you catch all the details or only remember one. This practice is helping you connect with your subconscious, creative and intuitive self.

Meditation is always the way
A daily meditation practice is going to calm your mind from all the overstimulation and noise of our daily existence, so that you can hear your intuitive self more clearly. A lot of us are feeling confused about our feelings, intentions, emotions and purpose because we have a lack of clarity. Instead of being swept up in the waves, a meditation practice helps calm these waters. Meditation is also within the elemental realm of ether, the house of intuition. By practicing meditation regularly and incorporating it into your daily life, you're going to see the long term effects of your practice within your day to day life, not only whilst during the meditation itself.

Relating with the moon
In many cultures, the moon is associated with our emotional, subconscious and intuitive selves. It's relationship with water bodies is clearly seen in the movement of the tides. We too are water bodies. Making conscious our interdependence with the cycle of the moon can create greater symbiosis with the natural cycles within our lives. Centuries ago, we lived more harmoniously with our natural light sources and seasons, and were greater attuned with the cycles of the moon. Simply spending time outside under the moonlight is not only beneficial for your hormonal health, but will help you to connect with these cycles. For women, the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle are linked not only by the number of days, but also by the change of energy during the month. Charting your cycle and its correlation to the moon is one way to embody this relationship. If you are born with a male body or are not menstruating, you can follow the cycle of the moon itself. There are four distinct phases, the energy of which can be used to harness our own creative energy, whether it be for projects or procreation.

New Moon: The darkest time of night; energy moves inwards; a time of heightened intuition
Waxing crescent: New ideas and intentions are set as the light grows brighter and energy increases
Full moon: The brightest time where we are at our fullest; creative potential and expression is at its peak
Waning crescent: Winding down, taking stock of our activities during the month; preparing to go back inwards.

Using moonstone for intuition
Like the moon itself, moonstone is strongly aligned to intuition, creativity, emotions, growth and healing. Meditating with this stone, using it whilst moon gazing or wearing it daily, can help you align with these aspects of yourself. It's also beneficial for balancing women's hormones, as well as helping both men and women connect deeply with their emotions. This is also the perfect time to connect with moonstone as it is connected to the Cancer zodiac sign, which is upon us (June 20 - July 22).