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Busy mum? Find some calm in less than 5 minutes a day!

Busy mum? Find some calm in less than 5 minutes a day!

Too much on your plate? Caught in a web of endless to-dos with little to no time to complete them?

Being a mother can be overwhelming at times with the responsibility and weight of the household on your shoulders with little relief and support. Being a busy mum can lead to feelings of guilt and stress affecting all areas of your life.

Silatha is the first meditation app to champion mothers by designing a meditation series specifically for busy mums like you. Acknowledging that time is often a rare commodity in your daily life, we have tailored the meditations to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. We encourage you sit for between 1-5 minutes a day to allow the release of stress, create greater peace of mind and increase feelings of self-love. Through the daily practice of meditation, you will establish greater stability and notice you will have more time freed up through your day as you approach tasks with a clear head and focused state of mind.

During the specially designed meditations, you create a mental connection of a chosen intention such as Inner-peace & Balance, Self-love, Energy & Intuition, Emotional stability & Letting go and Flow & Relief. You tie your chosen intention to a tangible jewellery piece, this is so that when you are faced with a stressful or challenging situation throughout your day, you hold your jewel and a signal is sent to your brain reinforcing your intention.

The Silatha toolkit was created after in-depth research on habit creation. The Silatha method is loved BJ Fogg, the best selling author of Tiny Habits and one of the world’s leaders on habit creation. The Silatha toolkit will help to make sure both your family life and mental health can flourish by empowering you, the super mum at the centre of it all!

We invite you to try the 1-5 minute meditations designed specifically for you on the Silatha App.

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