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How to create a vision board

How to create a vision board
"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - Paulo Coelho

Moment by moment, our lives are being created with a breath, a spark, a presence and a choice. As we shift into the freshness Spring brings, we can plant our intentions for what we hope to grow in every area of our lives. And a vision board is wonderful way to co-create a clear vision of our soul's greatest dreams.

Create your sacred environment
Create some time and space to be with yourself without any distractions. Lock the doors, turn your phone off and minimise external distractions as much as possible. You may like to light candles, play soft music, use essential oils and anything else that can create a sacred and nourishing environment for yourself. You are setting the scene to journey into yourself in a safe, supportive and loving cocoon, to dive into your heart's deepest desires.

Begin where you are
Sit or lie in a comfortable position to meditate. Calming every limb, every cell in your body. Feeling into this very moment, including all the aspects of your life. When we rest in this stillness, we are able to feel what is true for us. To move from a place of truth, we have to be able to feel whatever is true for us, no matter how uncomfortable our current reality is.

Ask the heart for guidance
Bring your breath and the light of your awareness into your heart centre. Ask your heart what it is it truly desires. And then relax and let the answers come to you. It can take minutes or an hour or more. The ability to surrender and allow the answers to come can bring some clear, insightful and even surprising answers. Let it speak to your in colours, words, images and smells, and feel what resonates with you. You can also ask any ancestors, God or beings beyond you for guidance according to your beliefs.

Visioning your dreams
As you bring to your mind's eye that which you would love to invite into your life, feel and imagine it as if it is happening now. Instead of imagining your desires in the future, bring them clearly into your imagination. How does it look, feel, taste, sound in this space? What is the time frame for your visions? Is this something you would like to (and can imagine) call in quickly in weeks or will develop over many months to a year?

What does 'success' feel like for you?
A great way to check in with yourself to see if you are being led by the heart or influenced by your external environment is to sit with the question 'what does success feel like for me?'. The answer to this is as unique as each person who asks the question, and focusing on how it feels rather than how it looks, can bring you closer to fulfilling your own desires. So often, we achieve or gain what we want, only to find it doesn't fulfil us at all. Whilst we may have achieved what 'looks' like success to us, it may be far from feeling like fulfilment.

Beyond a wish list
A vision board is more than simply focusing on an end goal of where you want to 'end up'. The vision board acts as a road map, which every time you look at it, reminds you of where you would like to go, and how to get there. If you would like to travel to Jamaica, it's great not only to include an image of the destination, but also something which reminds you to save money or take time out for yourself. This is why sitting in meditation and being present with where you are now physically, emotionally and spiritually is so important. The board will not simply be about an end goal, but the journey as well.

Gather your images
When you are content with your visions gather your materials to create your vision board. The collage you make will be a daily message to your subconscious mind, of what you would like to attract into your life. Collect photographs, images you find online or on social media, quotes and even objects to collate on your vision board. The board itself can be anything from a corkboard, canvas, blank wall or cardboard - anything you can arrange and re-arrange the images on. 

Your centre
In the centre of your vision board, include a photograph or something to represent yourself. This serves in grounding you and helping you relate to these dreams and visions as something that you not only deserve, but wish to co-create with the universe. It also invokes a greater sense of responsibility in your role to co-create, as it is up to you now, to consciously attract into your life that which you want to focus on.

Release and trust
Place the board somewhere you will see it each day, perhaps on the wall in front of your bed or in the kitchen. This will help to remind you daily of your dreams. And now that everything is complete, it is time to surrender and trust that you will attract what you need. Even if it doesn't look like what you dreamed, be open to the possibility that want m