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Let go of negative energy

Let go of negative energy

Have you ever noticed that in the presence of some you feel joyful, relaxed and full of energy? Whilst with others you feel tense, irritated and lack lustre?

If you answered no, really take some time this week to feel how people's vibes influence you.

If you answered yes then you're half way there. Here's some tips to preserve your energy and stop others stealing it.

Develop awareness

Awareness is crucial in our day to day lives. If you practise cultivating it, so many things become easier. We notice what does and doesn't work for us and we live life with our eyes wide open.

Become aware of how interactions with others make you feel. If it's easier write it down daily, so you can see patterns.

- name who you interacted with

- acknowledge their relationship with you: ,family partner, friends or colleagues

- reflect on how the interaction made you feel: energised or drained? Content or insecure? 

Overtime you’ll start noticing patterns. You may be surprised at who draws your energy. You may want to initiate a conversation to try do things differently, or simply minimise the time you spend with this person.


Declutter your relationships

Minimalism is about so much more than how you decorate your home. Choose quality over quantity with friends too. Now you're aware of how different relationships impact your life, declutter ones that prove to have a negative influence over you.

It simply means to avoid or reduce as much possible the interaction with people that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Of course some relationships, for example your parents or colleagues are necessary. In these cases it's necessary to set up boundaries, and limit the amount of intrusion there is into your personal life. When you set the right boundaries, you can keep the time you do spend with them, valuable and not draining.

Giving and receiving, a balancing exercise

Most relationships are developed with an equal sense of partnership, trust, fairness. You may be happy to be that friend always ready to listen to problems, sadness and dilemmas, and ready to offer a shoulder when needed. But if this is a reoccurring pattern across many relationships in your life have you considered the fact you might be giving more than you’re receiving?

Balance is key. Start by limiting the time you have to listen. Say no from time to time. This will simultaneously open your availability to receive.


Create positive relationships

To be able to attract more positive circumstances into your life, learn to attract more positive people. Be mindful about your connections and nurture relationships that makes you feel good, charged of energy and positive. Invite in your life people who are joyful, encouraging and live with ease. Learn to identify toxic relationships, people who always complain, those who find you only when they have problems and need a warm shoulder to cry on. Avoid those who are always negative and self-centered.


Sometimes we realise all of this a little too late and we're already feeling depleted. Take a detox and choose to let go of negative interactions you've come across. Try something relaxing or fun like exercising, meditating , dancing, listening to music, or taking a long bubble bath. 

Anything that makes you feel good and brings you back in balance it will work, the most important thing is to really be aware when you feel drawn of energy and act gently to quickly lift-up your mood.