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How to write a love letter to yourself

How to write a love letter to yourself

Why write a letter to yourself? Because even though we spend 24/7 in our own company, we spend little to no time building a positive experience with ourselves. It’s important to deal with our feelings about our lives. Encouraging ourselves to be kinder and more compassionate can lead to healing, happiness and maybe even better overall health. Most of us will find it easy to sit down and write a love letter to someone we love. That is a beautiful thing. Expressing love to a child, a lover, a friend, or a family member comes easily. This is why writing yourself a love letter is important. Love, often flows more easily out than in. As important as it is to express love to others, it's vital to also show love to yourself.

Words are powerful. They carry energy that lingers. A sweet compliment or a negative comment when a child is young can stick with them in their later lives, inspiring, or hindering the person decades later. We all hide the dark spots which is why writing a love letter to yourself at least once a year is an wonderful idea. It reminds you of all the lovely things that you are.

Grab a pen and paper (we are able to access deeper emotions when handwriting as opposed to typing on a keyboard), set a timer for 15 minutes, turn off your phone, close your laptop, and begin to write. If you write in the format of a letter, it will give you a framework for the task. It may feel strange at first, just keep going. This will be a free writing exercise, let whatever comes to mind make its way onto the page, you can do no wrong. You might think you already know what will fill the pages of a letter to yourself, but you'll most likely be surprised what comes forth.

How To Begin:

  • Set aside quiet time when you won't be interrupted.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes and imagine being bathed in warm light. Imagine that the light is loving energy being poured inside you.
  • After you take the above moment, begin writing.
  • Work through the below sections if you need help forming the letter, if it’s already flowing go with your intuition, the below is a guide to help you if you are unsure what to write.

What to do:

  • Start with the things you find lovable about yourself
  • What do you want yourself to know?
  • What have you done well this past year?
  • What are the things that have challenged you?
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • Finally, ask yourself what you love about you! As if you were writing a love letter to someone else.
  • What things are you grateful for?
  • Point out things that you cherish about yourself.
  • Remind yourself of the little things that make you uniquely special.
  • The way you view the world
  • The manner in which you laugh
  • The way you never give up

If you are still struggling to begin, copy the below to get the ball rolling;

Dear <Your Name>

We have not talked in awhile but I would like to reconnect and talk more often, I know you don’t always feel perfect, but you have a lot of qualities that I love. I love the way you (smile, laugh, raise one eyebrow when your thinking, make delicious food…)

In your love letter, always treat yourself with respect and dignity.

A delightful addition to the exercise is to seal the letter, give it to a trusted friend to mail to you whenever they want. Receiving it will be an unexpected gift.

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