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Intention & Meditation

Intention & Meditation

There are so many different styles, traditions and ways to meditate that it can leave you feeling a little lost before you even begin. However, no matter which style you practice, having an intention for your meditation can make all the difference

Intentions bring clarity and conscious effort to whatever it is you are doing. In meditation, it reinforces the 'why' you are practicing, creating a synchronised feedback loop between your body, mind and breath, helping all the different aspects of you (particularly your mind) to get on board with your practice.

Using intention at the beginning of your meditation practice (or yoga, or even cleaning) can become a part of your ritual. The power of ritual, when practiced regularly, creates a kind of short cut to bring you into your desired state of being. When incorporating your intention ritualistically into the beginning of your meditation, you are creating a short cut of focused attention and understanding (the 'why' you are doing this practice).

Choosing your intention is, of course, a matter of personal preference. However, practicing with one intention regularly, or periodically, helps to intensify and strengthen the ritualistic benefits. You might choose one intention for a week, a lunar cycle, or a year, depending on where you are at. But practicing regularly can help you to grow this quality or aspect of yourself over time, and allow you to witness that change within yourself.

We're also living at a time when we scroll quickly, change and exchange information incredibly fast, flitting from one thing to the next. Your meditation practice is a place of slow, yet sustained, change. Allow yourself to be on your own time; your own natural rhythm. Choose an intention that feels right, and allow yourself to grow and flow with it until you know, from within that you are ready to shift to a new intention.

If you have chosen a Silatha dorje, the crystal within it has it's own power and purpose that you were called to. Utilising the qualities of the crystal and aligning it with your own intention is a powerful way to harness the frequency of the quality which you are calling out from the depths of your being. Some of the qualities inherent in each stone, which you can align your intention to are:

Black Onyx -  letting go, emotional stability

Amythyst - peace, balance

Aquamarine - flow, relief

Labradorite - clarity, realisation 

Carnelian -  positivity and courage

Lapis Lazuli - trust,  inner power

Moonstone -  energy, intuition 

Malachite - reflection, protection 

Red Tiger Eye - willpower, self esteem

Rose Quartz -  compassion, unconditional love

To help you understand a little more about where you're at spiritually, emotionally and mentally, Silatha has a 20 question quiz to guide you to the right gem for you. Even if you have chosen your gem, using the quiz periodically is a nice way to see where you are at, how you have shifted, and which intentions and qualities you would like to call out from within during your meditations as you transform through your practice.

Knowing the power of intention with meditation, we've been dreaming up some beautiful new offerings for our Silatha family. These mindful creations will be birthed in the coming weeks, with the intention to help guide your own inner transformations with clarity and confidence. We can't wait to share these powerful tools with you.

Words by Kirilly Dawn