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Become a life coach!

Become a life coach!

More than just being a crucial part of our Silatha team, Nicole also heads up True Me Coaching Academy. Curious about life coaching? This fulfilling vocation will not only change your clients life but also yours. We spoke to Nicole and got all the deats.

Life coaching is becoming really popular, why do you think this is?

I believe that there are two main reasons why Coaching is gaining ground worldwide. First of all, it really works! The technology, the tools, the processes - they help us get to the core of our brain, empowering us to think productively. Secondly, as a profession, it serves our inner need to be the best we can be, and help others do the same.

How did you get into coaching?

13 years ago, I wasn't in a good place. I started actively looking for a different way of doing things. It took me years of searching until I found a way to bring true and permanent change into my life. Soon after, I started listening to others saying: “I want to do what you have done, teach me”. Thus, I gave my all to do exactly that. I wrote a book and now I am launching the Academy. I do not think that anything happens by chance. I believe that all my life, professionally and personally, I was preparing for this role.

How do you think the way people do their careers are changing?

I believe that more and more people are realising that their careers are best served when they do what is in their heart. Corporations help you grow and test yourself, especially when you are young, nevertheless they encourage competition among people – which teaches such a wrong notion about life. Furthermore, most often they are not in the position to fulfil the aspirations of their employees. And, it is true that most people stay in their work due to financial insecurities. But when people part from those fears, they can pursue their own dreams and careers with a new perspective and new goals. Personal abundance is our birth right… and contribution to society is a must. When we act on those simple principles, we search for careers that are fulfilling.

What sort of person would suit a career as a coach?

You need to be interested in becoming the best you can be. That means, you are ready to abandon whatever inhibitions or negative emotions you might have as a person. When you do that, and you reach mind-blowing picks for yourself, you feel so rich, that you are ready to serve others do the same. Your background doesn't matter, nor what you have done so far. It is more a disposition and a mind set.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a coach?

I believe that the most rewarding moment in the career of a coach is when their clients start gaining awareness and they reach those magical AHA moments. This clarity helps them pursue what is the best for them – and the coach is there to guide them and support them to do that. Those are the moments where the heart of a coach soars.  

What is the most challenging thing about being a coach?

The most challenging thing for a coach is to be able to see the person, the situation and its potential, but, rather than telling the person what needs to happen, to guide them to find their own answers. It is difficult to face somebody that is struggling and still allow him or her to be there. Yet, coaching is not about fixing people. A coach will need to respect people's freedom of will. It is by his or her own compelling example that they will inspire others to look for what will improve their lives.

What will people get at the end of the one year course? 

What we have put together is a truly results oriented coaching academy. Thus, first of all, during the duration of the year, students will see their own life transforming. They will acquire the mind set and the tools that permit them to see their potential differently. Secondly, they will learn step by step what to do to support clients during challenges they may face. On completion they'll get a certification by True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy and begin their coaching profession. It's affiliated with ICF (International Coach Federation), which is widely respected worldwide.

What kind of support will they receive from your program to assist with their studies?

Everybody will be assigned a mentor, that will support the smooth surfing through the program. The students will also be organised in pod-groups, that will support them, not only practically- as in their meetings they will be practicing what they are learning – but also morally, as this is a team of people with similar aspirations. Moreover, there will be a support group consisting of technical savvy experts in case there is any technical issue. And of course, there is myself, who will be available 24/7 for any questions or help.

How many hours roughly should people dedicate per week?

The amount of time a person will need to invest to become a certified coach varies, but it would be safe to say that 2-3 hours per week will be expected.

Why is meditation such a crucial part of coaching?

Meditation is an excellent method that is gaining acceptance in the scientific community because of the ease of its implementation, its wide availability to each of us and of course, the immediacy of its results. Moreover, it can be a very enjoyable or even a fun process. Essentially, what meditation does is to send messages to the mind, clearly defining goals and objectives, and thereby mobilising the mechanisms necessary for identifying opportunities and forming attitudes that will lead to the achievement of own objectives. During this coaching course, the students will learn how to use this technique to orientate the brain (conscious and subconscious) toward a client’s aspirations and dreams, even if they seem unattainable at the moment.

Explain what the inner child and sub-personalities means?

These are both techniques that are part of creative visualisation, which is another way to meditate. Their purpose is to surpass limitations impeding progress towards the future that is desired. During these journeys, students will learn how to support their clients to connect either with the child that rest within them and/or a part of their being (sub-personality), that is obstructing progress, so as to guide them to support the higher goals that a person sets to pursue.