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Life hacks from a life coach

Life hacks from a life coach

Life coaches make a job out of inspiring others and helping them reach their full potential. We spoke to Nicole, from TrueMe, Breakthrough Life Coaching, to get some life hacks to help us all.


What would you tell someone looking for direction?

To be able to find your purpose in life, you first must know in depth WHO you are. Most people think they know who they are, but usually they are talking about their personality, as it has been formed from their upbringing and experiences to date. We are talking about a deeper, higher, brighter self, that we all are, although sometimes is very well hidden behind what we think we are. When you come in contact with that Self, and you understand the basic elements that motivates you, it is quite easy afterword to define your purpose in life.


What are easy ways to enrich your life?

Treat yourself with love. This is major, very accessible, albeit very hard for some people, as most are used to take care of others and their needs. Thus, we are talking about behaving like you are your favorite person in the world and pampering yourself. Another thing is to always focus on what you want to pursue, not the things you don’t like. Perseverance and consistency in your efforts will bring the desire.


How can you align your career with your passions?

When you have done the first two things above, aligning your career with your passions is then a decision you make. Career needs not and should not be separate from your passions. It should be driven by them. Only under that energy one can achieve the most, contribute the most, feel happy and fulfilled.


How to make your dreams a reality?

To realise your dreams, the one thing you have to do is to focus on them “stubbornly” – meaning, with conviction and determination - and believe that you will achieve them. When you have reached that state of mind, when you know that your dreams can be yours, the one thing left to do is to act constantly towards them. Your actions will inform you of what needs to happen next. One thing will bring the other. Thus, never stay idle, be patient with your outcome and continue doing things that move you towards your goal. It will be yours sooner than you think.


What is your advice for anyone to grow their wellbeing in life?

Wellbeing is a state of mind. A state where you are flowing in harmony with life. To achieve it, you must be ready to really accept oneself and others, find the empowering lesson that every experience brings, progress in your endeavors and be ready to savor joy in every possible moment.  With that disposition, life can transform from a mountain of struggles, into a wonderful journey.


Nicole heads up life coaching school TrueMe. Interested in training to be a life coach yourself? She starts an online training programme in September. It's suitable for people of all walks of life and promises to be a rewarding venture. Read more here