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With it's deep green hues and natural designs of hypnotic lines, Malachite is a beautiful heart opening and transformative stone. The perfect ally on the spiritual journey, it is a stone of spiritual growth, inner peace, reflection and protection.

The green heart
The dark green colour of the Malachite stone is aligned with the heart chakra as well as the heart of nature. Reflecting the green of nature, it aligns with the creative life force energy of the Earth. As a baby in the womb grows from the heart outwards, it is the heart to which we return to seek the answers within, returning to the source. The healing properties of Malachite can be used to travel deep within our own heart to rest in the light of inner peace. 

Spiritual transformation
Malachite is your ally on your journey into the depths of your consciousness during meditation. A deeply reflective stone, Malachite is able to shine light on any blockages which are impeding your spiritual growth. Whilst using your malachite Silatha Dorje, allow yourself to travel down Malachite's lucid waves into the depths of relaxation. You can ask the stone to help you relax into any blockages. Breathe into any stagnant energy, emotion, and memories the stone reveals. 

Emotional Healing
Malachite is a particularly special stone for emotional healing. It assists in healing emotional blockages as it helps us to really take an honest look at past pains and memories stored in our bodies which we may have buried deep inside. Not only does it reveal these blockages to us, it can also help us to see where we can take responsibility for our own healing. Working with malachite, we may be able to gain a clearer understanding of why we have experienced these pains and frustrations. If you can feel it, you can heal it, and malachite helps us tap into these blocked emotions to allow the healing to begin. 

The waves of movement on the stones surface are symbolic of the stone's ability to protect one, especially in times of travel and movement. Those who travel frequently will benefit from Malachite's strong protective  properties. Malachite was used in ancient Egypt as eye-shadow called "Kohl", meaning to 'safeguard' or 'protect'; covering and protecting the eyes with its crushed pigments. Its circular wave patterns also reflect an eye and it has been used for centuries to ward off negative energy. So strong is the stone's ability to protect, that it will break if danger is present.

Inner Peace
Malachite can assist in greater acceptance, forgiveness and inner peace. As our blockages are revealed, felt and healed, we open ourselves to gratitude for the lessons and opportunities for expansion. A stone of great beauty, it can open our eyes to the wonders of nature and art, helping us to embrace life more fully with our arms and eyes wide open.

Using Malachite
If you are called to dive deeply inside to a space of reflection and healing, the malachite Silatha Dorje is a beautiful tool for transformation. The daily meditations will allow you to safely access this space and, working day by day towards a deeper understanding of yourself.