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Maude Hirst about finding Peace and Balance

Maude Hirst about finding Peace and Balance
 We are absolutely delighted to announce our collaboration with the wonderful Maude Hirst!
Veroniek, our founder met with Maude and immediately fell in love with the warm and vibrating energy she exudes. Maude is a meditation teacher and founder of EnergyRise, a bespoke mindfulness company on a mission to make mindfulness accessible to everyone. They quickly decided to join forces to create a new special line, based on Maude's birthstone: the Amethyst.
During any troubled times, Amethyst is the gemstone you want by your side, as it radiates calming energies making way for more peace and balance in your life.
For all our Amethyst gemstone jewellery, we are now offering an additional two meditations on top of the 21-day series on the Silatha app. These have been created uniquely for Silatha by Maude, one on Balance and the other on Peace.
We took some time out with Maude as she generously opened up about her life, loves and self-love practices that create Balance and Peace within her hectic schedule. Sharing tips that will help us all gain more of this in our lives...


1. What is your life’s passion in one sentence?

    To empower myself and others by reconnecting back to the truth of who we are.

    2. How did you get into acting?

      When I was 10 years old I used to do gymnastics and I was spotted by a casting director to audition for a film about a young gymnast. I didn’t end up getting the role but my love for creating characters began from that moment.

      3. How and why did you make the switch to yoga and meditation teacher?

      I added yoga and meditation into my life because I had a moment after a breakup where I realised I had stopped listening to myself and my body and what truly made me happy. I went on a mission to reconnect fully to myself and find my authentic voice and yoga and meditation was my path back inward.

      4. What is it about the practice of yoga and meditation that draws you in?

      The space to switch off from the external world and wake up to my internal world. Becoming present to what is going on in the present moment inside of me, rather than living in the stresses of everyday life. From that place of awareness, I then have a choice with how I construct my life moment by moment.

      5. What do you find most challenging through your meditation practice?

      My mind wondering. The mind will always inevitably wonder as it is a thinking machine but sometimes, even after practising regularly, I get frustrated when I find myself getting lost in thought. However, I have learnt to be compassionate to myself and when it happens, just bringing my awareness back to my breath and starting over without judgment.

      6. What is your morning routine?

      Wake up, straight into a 30 minute meditation, write 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness writing to clear out the thoughts and then get on as normal with my day.

      7. How do you use crystals into your practice?

      I like to set a circle of crystals up near me when I practice as I feel it enhances the meditation.

      8. What is your favourite crystal and why? 

      That’s a hard question as I am often drawn to different crystals at different times depending on what mood I am in…. but I would say my favourite two are Amethyst, as it is my birthstone and Rose Quartz as it is the crystal of love.

      9. What is your favourite season and why?  

      Summer. I love nothing more than feeling the sun on my skin while walking along a beach. There is something so calming about being able to be out in nature with the warm summer air on your skin.

      10. What attracted you to Silatha?

      It brings 3 of my favourite things together, meditation, crystals and jewellery. Often people only have a short time to meditate in their busy lives so short meditations that can be enhanced by a gem, seems like to perfect combination to me.

      11. What are two tips you would like to give to our readers on how to get started on their mindfulness/meditation journey?

      Start with a short amount of time (10 minutes) so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and be compassionate to yourself when your mind wanders. The aim isn’t to sit in complete silence and switch off the thoughts. Meditation is about changing the awareness from the external to the internal and sitting with whatever comes up – so be kind to yourself along the way.

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