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Meditate for your health - it's science!

Meditate for your health - it's science!

We are clearly big advocates of meditation and we'd like you to join us and millions of others who have found benefits in this clearing, grounding and shifting practice.

Meditation is a process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts, the trouble is that this process is often stop, start for many people. Trying to develop a routine and habit of meditation is quite difficult, our founder Veroniek, has experienced this in her own life. It was her breakthrough in creating a daily routine of meditation which brought Silatha to life. 

People come to meditation to enhance their mood and outlook, create self-discipline, develop healthy sleep patterns and even increase pain tolerance. It has also been scientifically proven to reduce stress and develop concentration.

Here are some science-based benefits that substantiate mediation increases overall health and wellbeing: 

-Decreases stress

-Greater focus

-Reduces the effects of depression

-Regulates anxiety and mood

-Lengthens attention span

-Can reduce age related memory loss

-Builds resilience to pain

If the above reasons weren't enough you can check many scientific papers produced by leading universities around the world here's one we like by Cambridge University Press referencing our current times and mental pressures during COVID.

Enjoy the benefits of meditation by downloading the Silatha app here: