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Meditating with gemstones

Meditating with gemstones

Gemstones are beautiful treasures gifted from Mother Earth, not only to enchant but also to transform us with their positive and transformational energy. 

When meditating with gemstones, we allow its unique energy to heal us. We also use the crystal as an anchor setting it with our intention.


Connect with the energy

When you meditate with a gemstone for the first time you will want to feel its energy. Find a quiet space and lay your crystals out. Raise your right palm above them and see what you notice. Allow time, acknowledging any sensations in your body. These can be very subtle, each crystal sends different vibrations to different areas.

Set an intention

To make the most of your gemstone set an intention for your journey. If you already have something in mind, great! If not spend some time contemplating what you'd like to get our of your meditative practise. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask your heart what you need to know for your meditation journey. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly. The message may come as a feeling in your body, an emotion, a thought, an image or a colour. 

Immerse into your inner wisdom

Now you've set an intention it's time to allow the gemstone’s energy to inspire you. Continue to breathe deeply and start visualising the healing energy of the crystal connecting to your heart. Feel how your body becomes warm and relaxed and a beautiful sense of calm peace surrounds you. Start looking within for the wisdom you feel you need to gain. Ask questions and listen to your answers, they are always hidden in your heart.


15 minutes a day to connect with your heart

Start with meditating just 5-10 minutes until your body and mind find the flow. You’ll see that after a few days of practice, you’ll become more patient and able to connect with your heart and your gemstone’s energy for a longer and deeper experience. Work up to 15 minutes a day.


Be grateful

When you finish your meditation session practise gratitude - for the gemstone, its energy and yourself the time you took. Be grateful for the authenticity you were able to tap into and the journey you are on.

Take the wisdom in your day to day life

Take the peace and wisdoms from the meditation into your daily life. Slowly you'll find yourself living more in alignment with who you are and what you want. Try writing your thoughts in a journal to help you becoming more accountable and follow your progress.

Silatha offers beautiful jewellery set with gemstones. Choose from 10 different stones, each with unique qualities you may want to grow. You will receive a meditation app with guided meditations. It’s a simple way to learn to meditate with crystals. You carry your beautiful gem with you during the day, so you keep its energy close.