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Meditation. The facts...

Meditation. The facts...

We all know meditation is good for us, but exactly how? Here are some science based facts for you. 

Sleep easy

Melatonin is one of the key ingredients for a deep slumber. Researchers at Rutgers University have shown those who meditate have a 98% increase in melatonin levels. This means they can fall into a deeper sleep easier. Meditators also have more calm and pleasureable brainwaves compared to insomniacs. 

Stress less

Dr Bruce Lipton, a leading cell researcher argues stress causes 95% of diseases. That’s huge. Internalising daily stresses starts as just shallow breathing and tightening of the muscles, yet long term this weakens your immune system, accelerates ageing and shrinks brain tissue. Meditation releases neutralising chemicals that have been scientifically proven to minimise stress and quieten mind chatter.

Drop an inch

One of the lesser known benefits of meditation is weight loss. Not surprisingly, a lot of weight gain is linked to impulsive food choices. Having a clear state of mind keeps these in check. Studies have shown meditators have more will power and higher activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain that controls impulses.

Get smarter

IQ is no longer the most desirable form of intelligence, emotional intelligence is far more useful in both our careers and personal lives. People with high emotional intelligence demonstrate more empathy, altruism, self-awareness and adaptability. Meditation has been shown to increase emotional intelligence and these qualities through the process of neuroplasticity – rewiring your brain over time.

Anxious no more

GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is better known as the chemical that makes you feel calm. Studies have proven that after a mere 60 accumulative minutes of meditating increase levels of GABA by 27% - resulting in less anxiety and racing thoughts. Meditation also releases endorphins, a natural high that elevates feelings of happiness.

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