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Mindful Eating Series

Mindful Eating Series

After many discussions with countless women across the globe, the theme of mindful eating became a reoccurring topic. Women of all ages & across all races seemed to perpetuate the same beliefs and questions around what a healthy relationship to food and their bodies should look like. Silatha has joined forces with Pandora Paloma, intuitive living coach, to help establish a helpful path forward in relation to consumption and the way we can live our lives more mindfully. 

With 21 powerfully meditations all under 15 minutes, you can build a more grounded partnership with how you consume, nourish and essentially treat your body. We are also offering first-time users of the app a free 7-day trial, so you can get stuck into this series today. 

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These meditations have been designed to support you in creating a healthy and balanced relationship with food and your body. 

Topics include: 

- Digestive Health

- Observing Resistance

- Benefits of Mindful Eating

- Nourishing the Body

- Eating to Energise the Mind & Body

- Emotional Eating

- Loving Kindness While Eating

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Join our TRIBE and be inspired by like minded women, share personal triumphs and support each other through the difficulties of motherhood as well as building a meditation routine and a more mindful way of living. 

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