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Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Soul This Winter

Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Soul This Winter

With the festive season well and truly over, another few months of winter in sight, and a long stretch between paydays, you’re not alone if you find yourself feeling down. January brings us Blue Monday, which is considered the most depressing day of the year. Whether you're juggling home-schooling, furlough, loss of a loved one or the virus itself, you're not alone. With counselling services stretched and antidepressant use soaring between July and September revealing the highest figure on record within the UK, the psychological pandemic ahead may stretch out longer than the physical. 

Whether you believe in Blue Monday or not there's no denying this year is a little harder than normal. It is, therefore, all-important that you take charge of your mental health and look out for yourself. Just as flight attendants instruct us to "put your oxygen masks on first before helping others" its so important to take care of yourself first and this is also the greatest gift you can give your loved ones, a calm and balanced you. 

Allocate time in your day to improve your mindset with these easy tips: 

Nourish your body

  • Drink lots of water 

  • Try a new smoothie or salad recipe 

  • Replace chips or chocolate snacks with fruit and veggies

  • Take your time when eating, don't rush and savour each bite

Read more about our Mindful Eating Series on the Silatha Meditation App for more ideas on how to nourish the body.

Nourish your mind

  • Meditate

  • Write in a journal

  • Listen to an inspirational podcast

  • Learn a new skill or start a new hobby

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Nourish your Soul

  • Call a loved one

  • Spend some time in nature

  • Start a gratitude list

  • Read some uplifting quotes 

Use our gorgeous journal to note down what you are grateful for as well as support your meditation journey.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Remember that we are here to support you through your journey and that you are not alone. If you're seeking more connection in your life why not join our Facebook Group? You'll be joining a community of women who share and support one another - click through here.

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