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Inspirational Q&A with transformational coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker Jazmin Medrano

Inspirational Q&A with transformational coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker Jazmin Medrano

You are a transformational coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker, that are many things. Can you tell us more what is most important to you? 

What’s important to me is my vision. And that no matter what hat or label I work under, so long as I’m on the path towards my vision, that is what’s important to me.

I always wanted to fit into one “box” and just call myself one thing “coach” “marketing executive”, “trainer”, etc. But I realized after some time that I don’t have to fit into anything that doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not meant to fit into traditional systems. I digress. 

How did you become where you are today?

I could answer that in so many ways. The most important point in my life where it really took a turn was when I spontaneously decided that I was going to save money, quit my job and travel the world. And this spontaneous moment happened whilst reading Eat, Pray, Love in the summer of 2010.

I started traveling end of May 2011 and ended my world travels in August of 2012. Through the course of this year, I explored many facets of myself, including spontaneously deciding to visit Berlin (which I decided to move to after I was done traveling since I fell in love with it nearly instantly). This is what really propelled me to get to where I am today… leaving my old life to find out who I truly was, and that’s still an ongoing journey. Once I moved to Berlin I continued seeking and eventually saw my path as first becoming a coach. Through this seeking is where a lot of personal transformation and healing happened in me. And this gave more space to be of more support to people, myself, and to my gifts.

You did a TED talk, what was your key message? 

The main message I wanted to convey in the talk was for people to gain a different perspective on sex(uality). That how you relate to sex is the way you relate to life. And that sexuality is also about our creative energy and how we use that in our day to day.

Why do you think that meditation became so crucial in this day and age? 

Because we needed to slow down. With so much stimuli, distractions, social media, environmental stresses, etc., humanity came to a point where we needed to find something to support us in being more at peace, looking inward, and not defining ourselves or our happiness on external things.

Why is linking a tangible object to meditation so important?

Linking a tangible object to a meditation gives the object more importance as it serves as a reminder of ones intention. It can be that it’s easy for some people to experience a sense of calmness and bliss in meditation, but outside of meditation, it becomes harder for many. And having an object can serve as an anchor to not only remind oneself of that state that one was able to be in, but also to use the object to support in getting back in connection with ones intention.”

Tell us about the work you do? What kind of people could get something out of it?

I  support people in transformational processes. I give space for people to explore more about themselves, their deep issues, innate gifts, and how to navigate this journey of self-rediscovery. Much of what I “do” is in form of talking, asking questions, and sharing wisdom, though I also include elements of meditational journeys, body movement, and theater improv exercises. It all comes about depending on the need of each client. On the “being” side, it’s my intuition, wisdom, and presence that mainly support people. And this goes for individuals as much as it does for companies. Anyone who has a readiness and comes to me, will get something out of it. What that is I can’t say, as it is up to each individual what they want to get out of it. Its up to their own readiness and willingness. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start meditating in 2019?
I would say to look at meditation not only in the common way that meditation is seen (closing your eyes, sitting, and fill in the blank), but rather to look at meditation as something that can support you in getting back to your center, to your truth. It can be taking a walk in nature, dancing, singing, cooking, gardening, writing, speaking, and not listen to the incessant unsupportive thoughts that the monkey mind purveys.

If people want to know more about you, how can they reach out to you? They can reach me via email: as well as checking out my website