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Setting intentions for the New Year

Setting intentions for the New Year

With the New Year around the corner it’s a good time to reflect on what you want. The days are short, and it gets dark early, the night is long and cold, and this winter time perfectly translate to our inner world. We spend much more time indoor, looking for a warm and cosy space to feel secure and open to our inner wisdom.

Setting intentions for your life means more than just sending your wishes into the world. It’s necessary to connect with soul and your heart. Reserve a few hours just for yourself, take time to reflect, dream, write in your journal and visualise what you want to attract.

Set aside time

It might be a lazy morning over the holidays, or a peaceful evening, anytime you feel you can allocate just for yourself. No one else will disturb you, no one else will require your attention. Just set this time for yourself. Book it in your calendar right now and you know this is going to be a meeting with...yourself. And do not cancel it for something that seems more important… You are most important here.

Create your warm and cosy magic space. Create your cosy corner where you are going to spend the next couple of hours. No matter if is your sofa or your desk, make the space welcoming, relaxing and inspiring. You can have with you a few little objects that you love and brings you luck, maybe some crystals, a piece of jewellery, a bunch of flowers or maybe you’d want to light a candle. And don’t forget your journal and a pen. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and positive for this experience is good.

Start with a meditation Once you are sitting in your lovely space, before tapping into your wisdom, take time to meditate. This it will get you into a peaceful state of mind, bringing you clarity and allowing you enough time to connect with your heart. (You can try the Silatha meditation app)

Be grateful. Take a moment to reflect on all beautiful things that happened in your life in 2017. Write down any small or big thing that made you smile. Practicing gratitude brings you happiness and joy and it opens your heart to see the beauty around you and inspires you to invite more.

Reflect and design your reality

Now that you are completely prepared and into the right mood, just take your journal and visualise your dreams. Setting intentions for the year is the moment when you are inviting the magic happening into your life. Try to respond to some of the following questions while taking your reflections further:

  • How do I want to feel in the New Year? Do I want to feel happy, healthy, abundant, loved, well respected, authentic, creative, rational, relaxed? What is important for you?
  • What do I want to attract? Write down all you want to happen to you and for each event that you want to happen write your reason for this and visualise how you are going to feel when you will be having it. No matter if what you want is big or small, let it be written on the paper and be prepared to receive it. Take some time for this, it’s important.
  • What people do I want around me and why? Think about all the people that love you, encourage you, makes you feel confident and happy and plan to spend more time with them. They will bring positive energy and joy in your life and will help walking your path.
  • What do I need to let go of? Now it’s time to reflect what desires, behaviours or dreams that you had for the current year are no longer aligned with yourself. It’s important to take time to reflect on all of these as if you don’t, you might end up walking a path that’s not yours anymore.
  • Make sure that you will hold yourself to it. Find yourself a cue, a tool, something that will remind you of your intention. We recommend using the Silatha jewellery for that, as it is pretty and easy to keep close. Though it can be anything that works for you.

Make a plan

Once everything written in your journal, take a moment to deepen your connection with your dreams and make a little action plan to help your intentions to come to light. For each dream or feeling, big or small, write what steps you think you need to take to make it happen. Be gentle and realistic. Don’t push yourself to achieve tight personal deadlines or objectives, but rather allow your life to align for you in a natural flow.

Close your session with love

As you finished writing your dream life for the New Year and the actions that you feel to take, close this magic moment sitting in silence and meditate once again, feeling connected with the love in your heart and sending it to the whole Universe and all beings. Feel the light of your love inside you and outside you and commit to yourself to act from a place of love, gratitude and light.

May your New Year be full of joy, love and happiness, be blessed.